Morristown Doctor Successfully Pioneers Use of New Treatment for Brain Trauma in New Jersey

A revolutionary procedure gave way to a quick recovery for Larry Garfinkel, 87, after a fall outside his Summit, New Jersey home. When Larry Garfinkel arrived at Overlook Medical Center, he didn’t know what his diagnosis – or his treatment options – would be. Earlier that day, he was walking up the back steps to […]

Rehabilitation for Arthritis Management

Arthritis describes a condition of inflamed and swollen joints. Advanced arthritis results in the painful breakdown of cartilage – the body’s natural cushion between bones. Arthritis symptoms range from being merely an inconvenience to completely disabling, depending on the type and the severity. It falls into two broad categories: Osteoarthritis: Often described as the “wear […]

New Treatments For Chronic Tendon Pain By Apex Sports and Regenerative Medicine (732) 385-2739

Chronic tendon pain is one of the most common conditions seen in Sports Medicine and Orthopedic practice. Tendons are the fibrous ends of muscle that attach the muscle to bone. Every time a muscle contracts it causes stress on that tendon. Tendinitis happens when this stress occurs over and over again, leading to inflammation. If […]