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Why do I need

Healthcare is continuously evolving. Information about your practice is available, but likely not in ways that you control. 54% of younger millennials seek on-line information to help choose a physician. They seek referrals, reviews and details on providers they choose. National Directories may list a directory with incomplete or cumbersome search capabilities, along with inaccurate information. An overwhelmed consumer will shut down and keep surfing. will allow you to cut through the clutter LOCALLY by our powerful SEO and our traffic standpoint than any individual practice website would likely achieve.

Who is it for?

Any health and wellness professional seeking new patients, or looking to connect with a community of their peers. offers customized categories for Spas, Gyms, Holistic, Nutritionist, MD’s, PT’s Chiropractors, Dentists and many other healthcare categories.

How does it differ from Zocdoc, Healthgrades, and WebMD?

  • Zocdoc is a scheduling service with a national directory attached.
  • Healthgrades is a scoring service with a national directory attached.
  • WebMD is a medical library with a directory national attached.

How do I know people are visiting my profile?

We capture traffic from in real time for each profile to provide you with stats on how many impressions your profile is receiving.

“How can I measure its effectiveness?”

In addition to real time stats, we provide direct email links and a REQUEST an APPOINTMENT button for users to contact you directly.

“I already have a website with a complete profile and description of all of our doctors, so why do I need”

We drive traffic to your website which, otherwise may go unnoticed. Patients visit several websites today to learn about a provider. They are first looking for what others say about you.  Potential patients may not come to you directly.  Additionally, people are visiting for various reasons, reading articles, looking up events, they see us on social media, and we are optimized for other categories than your specific business, therefore they are coming to us and we are driving them to you.

“We spend a lot on SEO already, wouldn’t I be competing with myself?”

No. Given the traffic of your site, you may never get to the top of the ratings on a search, especially one that is not specific to your practice.  Google has recognized us as a reliable resource for Local Healthcare Information, and we are already indexed and ranking for Key Terms in Healthcare. Since we are database driven we rank OVER websites time and time again.

You are competing with other results shown up on google.

For example there may be thousands of Physical Therapists nationally, but we focus on Monmouth County and offer content, social media strategies and connection to the community

“When someone is searching Google for my specialty, will they be taken directly to my profile?” is designed to allow Google to drive directly to landing pages which includes your profile, articles and categories.

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