Rehabilitation for the Unique Needs of Multiple Trauma

Multiple trauma describes a variety of injuries suffered during one incident. A typical example is the auto accident victim – with fractures, internal injuries and head trauma. However, a variety of circumstances can result in multiple trauma. Multiple trauma victims need extremely specialized attention, as one injury can easily affect the progress of another. So […]

Increasing Odds for Improvement after Hip Fracture

Hip fracture is not just a potentially disabling injury; it can be deadly, especially in the elderly. Our hospital’s team approach to hip fracture rehabilitation applies a powerful combination of resources, leading rehabilitation technology and specialized experience. Strength and mobility increase. Future health problems are prevented. And, hope is restored. Hip Fractures The risk for […]

Choosing Senior Living Today By Chelsea Senior Living

Today’s seniors have more options than ever before for senior living in New Jersey. Many Baby Boomers are choosing independent living centers like we have at Chelsea Senior Living. It’s not because they need assistance, but because they want a maintenance-free apartment, privacy, and freedom while planning for their future needs. We have been providing […]