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Vein Ablation: An Effective Treatment for Venous Insufficiency

Venous insufficiency, a condition where blood flow through the veins is inadequate, can lead to discomfort and health complications. Traditional treatments have ranged from compression stockings to surgical interventions. However, […]

Foods to Avoid with Lactose Intolerance

by Monmouth Gastroenterology a division of Allied Digestive Health People with lactose intolerance have difficulty digesting lactose, a sugar found in dairy products. This is due to the lack of lactase enzyme, […]

Sports Injury Treatment in Monmouth County

Written By: Curalta Foot & Ankle We Help Athletes Get Back in the Game Foot and ankle injuries are par for the course and a typical hazard for those who […]

Spring Golf Prep & Healthy Tips by Dr. Marshall P Allegra

Most golf injuries are a result of poor mechanics and overuse. Non-golfers do not understand that you use your entire body to execute a golf swing in a complicated, coordinated […]




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All In Home Rehab In Home Physical Therapy

At All in Home Rehab,  Raed Taha P.T, is the owner and lead physical therapist at All in Home Rehab, with more than 25 years of experience working with the geriatric population in Hospital/Home Care.  Areas of interest include orthopedic, neurological, Musculoskeletal as well as balance and fall prevention. Raed possesses a strong passion to promote quality of life, independence, safety and self-efficacy, among geriatric patients ensuring a comfortable treatment environment.  In-Home  Physical Therapy

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Mental Health Articles

Embracing Mindfulness: Nurturing Mental Health in May and Beyond

As May unfolds, it brings with it a poignant reminder of the importance of mental health. Designated as Mental Health Awareness Month, May serves as a platform for raising awareness, […]

For Young People Looking for Help

Mental health problems don’t only affect adults. Children, teenagers, and young adults can have mental health problems, too. In fact, 3 out of 4 people with mental health problems showed […]

Health And Beauty Articles

Upgrade your self-care ritual: 5 expert tips for a refreshing ‘everything shower

(BPT) – Your shower can be more than just a way to get clean, and the viral “everything shower” trend proved just how easy it is to build a head-to-toe […]

Skin science secrets for smooth winter skin: Insights from a chemist to break free from dry skin woes

(BPT) – If the dropping temperatures instantly make your skin feel dry and uncomfortable, you’re not alone. Between the frigid air outside and overheated air inside, the winter months are […]



Senior Living Articles

At-Home Exercises and Tips for Regaining Mobility for Seniors

By All In Home Rehab Regaining mobility is crucial for seniors to maintain independence and overall well-being. Here are some essential at-home exercises and tips tailored specifically for seniors to […]

Jump start the spring season by getting vaccinated against this potentially serious lung disease

(BPT) – Spring is the season of new beginnings — a time when we can finally get back outside and enjoy nature as we watch the world around us transition […]

Healthy Recipes Articles

5 expert tips to support athlete success this spring

(BPT) – If you have a family of athletes, you know how hectic the spring sports schedule can be. As you prepare for another busy season, focus on feeding your […]

Roasted Peppers with Pesto and Goat Cheese

That little spark you feel when you eat healthy, that’s what life’s about!  such a healthy and fun dish to make Roasted Peppers with Pesto and Goat Cheese- A simple, […]

Pet Health

How to tackle spring cleaning, even when you have pets

(BPT) – The idea of giving your home a thorough cleaning each spring is very appealing, but can also be overwhelming. It may even seem impossible, given today’s busy lifestyles, […]

Fur-tastic fabric care: Top 5 do’s and don’ts for pet-friendly homes

(BPT) – Being a pet parent is a joy and privilege. Every day, you have a friendly, four-legged companion who’s just as happy to join you on walks and hikes […]

Healthy Tips Articles

The Benefits of Detoxifying your Body with Acupuncture

By Bayshore Acupuncture Life can be incredibly stressful. Even if things are “going well,” the constant pull of the needs of others including kids, coworkers, parents, and even friends can […]

Diet vs. Weight Loss Drugs: Understanding the Pros, Cons, and Long-Term Effects

By Philippa Bebbington, MS, RD,- Phil Knows Food In the pursuit of weight loss, individuals often confront the choice between traditional diets, and now, weight loss drugs.  Each approach presents […]