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Be seen by customers at the very moment that they’re searching on Google for the things you offer. Medical SEO, or search engine optimization, entails getting a medical facility’s website optimally positioned so that search engines (like Google or the Yahoo/Bing Network) can bring it up in Internet searches performed by potential patients. You already know that your local area is teeming with patients who need the specialized services that you provide. The question is, how do you get them to contact you and make an appointment. The answer is that you need to use medical SEO strategies that work to bring your website to the top of search engine results pages! At Monmouth Healthcare And Wellness, we specialize in getting websites just like yours updated when it comes to medical SEO.

Paid Search Advertising has many names such as Pay-Per-Click, Search Engine Marketing, AdWords, and many more with the potential of alluring relevant visitors to a website. If handled appropriately, paid search ads can prove to be an effective form of advertising as it can help you increase sales while generating more leads and that too in a very short time period.

With the presence of over billion websites, users find it difficult finding the needed information, and it is more difficult for companies to attract the targeted audience to their respective websites. At Rockon I.T, we help you pass through this dilemma through custom search-engine ads, which are specifically produced for your target audience – devised enough to stack the deck in your favor.

To ensure the success of your business or campaign, we will not only drive the relevant traffic to your website, but also formulate performance driven, optimal PPC strategies that help you get the maximum ROI within a short span. We implement paid marketing campaigns on AdWords, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other platforms to deliver positive results to your business.

The whole effectiveness of PPC ads depends upon the fact that how well you select your keywords to target potential customers. Our experienced team of Google AdWords will collaboratively work with you to determine the targeted keywords in order to bring relevant traffic to your website at comprehensive prices.

Steps of our PPC management strategy:

  • Strategic keyword recommendation: Our PPC experts use professional tools to conduct a detailed keyword analysis to identify the keywords which will offer you a plethora of enquiries. Very often, these keywords push beyond the obvious and you would left with the options which you would never even thought of!
  • Bid Management: Our PPC management team bids only on those keywords which are more likely to grant you great Return on Investment (ROI). Bids are continuously monitored closely with complete emphasis on keywords which are most targeted yet least competitive.
  • PPC Copywriting: A compelling title as well as description is as likely to attain you clicks as an effective keyword. Our in-house copy writers write unique pieces of content that are catchy and effective.
  • ROI rate report: Every report of a campaign are regularly documented and shared with clients as it is a part of our campaign management system. ROI is monitored closely and the campaign is altered according to trends in the report. Clients can also view the performance data for all keywords that include CTR, ROI and traffic reports.

A Successful AdWords Campaign!

We provide an array of paid search advertising services and strategies that are customized to your needs and fit for your business goals – all aimed at returning the highest possible Return on Investment (ROI).

We will guide you throughout the whole process of paid advertising – from helping you establish a target audience and selecting the optimum keywords – to making your adverts live and monitoring them to get the best results.

Keyword Research & Targeting

Keywords help connect the PPC ads with the customers and their respective searches. Sound keyword management assists you to grab the apt customers to lead you to your business success. We help you carry out a thorough keyword research to identify those keywords that are in-line with your goals and drive enormous traffic to your website.

We offer extensive research of relevant and client-targeted keywords related to your domains. Our keyword strategy includes regular negative keyword discovery that helps in preventing your ads from showing up for searches that are NOT relevant to your business and are unlikely to convert.

Campaign Analysis & Optimization

‘The keen analysis’ is always the first step to run any campaign. Our experienced team of AdWords certified analysts carries out several keen checks for the ideal analysis and its subsequent optimization through innovative & proven techniques. We will keep an eye on your campaigns in order to ensure that they are optimized without any issues. Our digital marketing strategists expertly utilize targeting options and bid strategies to maximize PPC performance across any industry or budget requirement.

Text, Display & Mobile Ads

The success of PPC marketing depends upon getting the messaging right. From contextual ads to banner advertising, we provide effective, reliable paid advertising services to all our clients. We utilize different platforms (Google AdWords, Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook) to exhibit your brand message with our standard best practices of ad creation – developing efficacious, compelling, and optimized ads to increase both click-through and conversion rates for your entire PPC campaign.

Google Shopping

If you are looking to sell more products, grow your business, and get more people to know your brand, a Google Shopping campaign might be a good strategy for your business. Your e-commerce site is NOT the only place where you can sell your products online! Likewise, there are many other paid search platforms like Google, Bing, Amazon, EBay, and more, where you can advertise your products and increase the number of transactions.

At MHW, we have the expertise, time, and tools required to maximize the ROI of your paid search shopping campaigns. We have a dedicated team of Google/Bing certified PPC specialists who have years of experience in a wide range of industries – from e-commerce to professional services, and more.


Remarketing is a really effective PPC technique that aims to target people who have already shown a genuine interest in your specific product or service. It focuses less on increasing the click-through rate (CTR), and more on watching the number of impressions, clicks, and conversion climb. In case a user visited your SM page or website early in the buying cycle, we ensure that your custom ad displays in their future social feeds, search results, and various other websites right within the display network – reinforcing your position and maintaining brand awareness.

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