That’s right, as a “Senior” you have an obligation to fulfill.

Congratulations, you’ve reached that plateau in life where you have become a “Senior”. Maybe it was as recent as yesterday or many years ago, point is you are now considered to be a “Senior”.

What this aging status includes is life’s experience and hopefully the gathering of lots of wisdom. You know the saying, “I’ve seen it all”. Well, your age now qualifies you to state this.

Okay, let’s get to that “Obligation”.

Just as with your personal health, as a Senior you are obligated to get involved. To become aware of all that affects you and others in this important age category. Of course, this awareness includes health & wellness, the economy, entitlements, welfare, scams and overall costs to survive.

You see it’s your right to be vocal on issues that affect “Seniors”. You’re at the age where being seen and heard and expressing how you feel about specific issues must count. Proof of this is the many politicians seeking election or re-election pandering to you. The Senior population’s vote has become more important than ever. Why? Maybe because you are more versed on the issues than other age segments. You see the big picture rather than segments.

Problem is many Seniors don’t see the need to get involved. Unfortunately, when you sit back and leave it to others to speak up on your behalf, you’re making a big mistake. Asking questions, and demanding answers, because it’s your right. Remember, your voice counts. By simply attending a Township or Municipal Committee, Council or School Board Meeting to listen and respond to issues that will have a direct or indirect impact on you, you’re meeting an obligation.

While many committee members are elected to do good, many times doing good comes with a cost and in turn that cost may equate to an increase in taxes. That’s your taxes.

You don’t want to find out news that affects you by reading the local newspaper or hearing it on your tv. Your voice has an impact and you should never forget this.

You can participate by simply attending or volunteering on many local Township Committees. Here again, you have accumulated the experience and wisdom to be a tremendous value to the local decision-makers.  And, if you cannot attend these meetings, you can always call or write to voice your opinion.

In other words, it’s time to speak up and voice your opinion.

And what better way to meet your obligation than by casting your vote come Election Day.

The point is too many things occur without your knowledge or participation. Staying aware of what is happening and being heard is meeting your “Senior Obligation”. I hope you agree.

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