That’s right obviously this was totally unexpected!

I am sure that you must be as fritzed over the current situation. I know I am. Yes, it was totally unexpected, although there are some naysayers who might have predicted something like this was bound to occur. You know those who continually say the world as we know it is coming to an end!

Who would have believed this?

Imagine being told that you should stay in your home, don’t be in groups larger than ten and be at least six feet away from the nearest person. And, you cannot go out to eat or drink because these establishments have been closed. Oh, and don’t forget you cannot see your grandchildren unless it’s with Skype or with Face Time on your smartphone, because they may be carriers. Unbelievable, but according to the “health experts” these actions targeting our senior population are necessary to survive this nightmare called “Coronavirus” or “COVID-19”.

However, there is a bright side to this insanity, and that is you now can shop during “exclusive” Senior Supermarket hours. Usually from 6AM to 7AM or maybe until 8AM. You know when the roosters crow.

Remember to, please let me know if you find any toilet paper! Now that’s unbelievable.

You see, as Senior Servings has always said, “as a senior you really are someone special”. Can’t understand why it took a horrific worldwide virus to recognize this.
So, here we are and it’s somewhat ironic and timely that this article appears on an important health and wellness site. You see Monmouth Health & Wellness provides valuable, easy to access health and wellness information available in Monmouth County. Just scroll through the many medical and wellness categories to find the perfect health and medical professional to address your concerns.

Now, I am not saying that these health, medical and wellness professionals have the cure for COVID-19,

but I am sure that some answers and advice will be available. Consider Monmouth Health & Wellness as simply another well-informed resource option.
Now let’s get back to adhering to the advice of our health experts, who believe that isolating ourselves is the best way to reduce the impact of this frightful virus.

What to do . . .

How about reading a book, or this might be the perfect time to binge watch that series you’ve been too busy to watch. Time for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Hulu and so many other available content heavy cable stations. Go ahead indulge.

Look, we know that there is no “official” timeline for this thing to expire as it’s all a guess. So, let’s be smart and listen to what the experts tell us. As a senior we might have said that “we’ve seen it all” and now we can say this for sure.

Some good advice would be to take advantage of the time. Let’s relax, stay calm, even put on a smile, call your friends and family. How about educating yourself on that computer, it could be a great time to learn some software programs – remember there is always that delete button. Hey, that’s it, maybe we can hit the delete button and erase this COVID-19 stuff!

Stay on top of current news, stay well, stay strong and we will all get through this.
Stephen Dick is the president of SDMC, a full-service creative marketing communications resource – www.sdmc-nj.com

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