The Future of Spine Surgery

The Future of Spine Surgery

NJ Spine and Wellness is thrilled to introduce you to our Director of Spine and Orthopedics and the originator of the Awake Spinal Fusion procedure, Dr. Alok Sharan, MD, MHCDS.

Dr. Sharan has been recognized by:

  • Best Doctor by Castle Connolly
  • New York Magazine Best Doctor
  • Westchester Magazine Best Doctor

Dr. Sharan has also co-edited a textbook entitled Basic Science of Spinal Diseases, and has been featured in publications such as Becker’s Spine Review, Los Angeles Times, Reader’s Digest and The Star Ledger. Dr. Sharan also spoke at the Seattle Science Foundation’s 5th Annual MIS Spine Symposium.

To learn more about Dr. Alok Sharan, you can view his full bio here.

As the originator of the Awake Spinal Fusion procedure, Dr. Sharan’s unique and advanced approach to spine surgery allows patients to have dramatically improved outcomes.

What is the Awake Spinal Fusion Procedure?

Awake Spine Surgery is an enhanced recovery protocol that allows patients to recover faster and mobilize quickly after spine surgery, with overall less pain.

It is a minimally invasive procedure involving a small incision (approximately one to two inches) in the skin. In this procedure, Dr. Sharan substitutes the use of general anesthesia with local anesthesia, allowing patients to get better faster sooner with significantly fewer negative side effects of surgery. In most cases, patients have recovered sufficiently to return home a few hours after the procedure.

The benefits of undergoing the Awake Spinal Fusion include:

  • Replacing general anesthesia with local anesthesia to minimize your delirium post-operation
  • Decreasing your nausea during the recovery period
  • Minimizing the use of opioids during the recovery period
  • Enabling a quicker overall recovery period so you can get back to enjoying life pain free!


Most patients who undergo minimally invasive spine surgery are up and walking within the same day and can expect to heal within a few weeks.

How can I find out if I am a candidate for Awake Spinal Fusion?

If you or a loved one is experiencing back pain, please give us a call at (877) 333-NJSW to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sharan. In-office and virtual online appointments are available at this time.

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