Here we go again.

It’s official, the Times Square Crystal Ball has dropped signifying it’s the start of another year, Greetings and Salutations have been exchanged, the Get into Shape commercials have begun to capture the media airwaves, and New Year Resolutions have been made with some already being broken.

That’s right it’s another New Year, so get ready but please proceed with caution.

Unless we are fortune-tellers, we cannot predict what the future will bring. But knowing, as the year begins, we all have good intentions when taking our initial steps into the year, we should take these steps carefully.

Unfortunately, we understand that most resolutions are made to be broken. It’s a tradition. You make a resolution or a promise and within 30 to 60 days it’s gone.

So, here we are in the first quarter of the New Year.

And, we immediately are greeted with the realization that out previous year’s taxes will soon be due. Ugh! If you happen to live in the North Eastern section of the country, you can be sure of some very cold days with an uplifting hint of those white flakes falling from the sky (that means you might be uplifting many inches or even a few feet of snow on your shovel). This is usually followed by a visit to your chiropractor for an adjustment or a physical therapist treatment.

It also means that if you have not sprouted your “snowbird” wings and escaped to a warmer southern climate you either appreciate the hardships of winter, you love your fireplace, or you are simply insane!

Ah, Spring!

Okay, you’ve weathered the nasty winter weather and are now looking at the promise of sunshine, warmer days, new greenery blossoming everywhere and the opportunity to checkout the fresh air while welcoming back your deeply tanned neighbors the “snowbirds”. Get out the golf clubs, check the tennis racket, put on those new walking shoes, oil the bicycle, wax the car, start the mower and begin the annual landscaping chores. Oh, and don’t forget to make dinner reservations at the shore.

So, you now have entered the long-awaited summer months.
And along with the summer months come the incredible number of outdoor activities. Of course, there’s the usual number of complaints from those who cannot stand the brutal heat – “My air-conditioner broke”, “The flies and bugs are eating me alive”, “I keep going to the same movie just to cool off”. Then there’s the beach lovers cry, “Why is the sand so damn hot?” “I hate schlepping all this stuff 5 miles on the beach just to get close to the water”, “Where’s my number 1000 sun protector?”

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the summer months as the prime vacation months. It’s a time to pack the SUV for a few weeks to escape, a beach rental, a trip to the mountains, or whatever, it is designated as “family fun-time”. Don’t forget to take a can of mosquito spray and don’t forget to take the family.

In fairness we must also recognize all those outdoor barbeques, parties and simply days to lay back on the lounge with a refreshing cold beverage, a great book and of course that can of mosquito spray to be used every 30 minutes.

Wow we got through the summer and now we face the fall.
So, it’s back to school for the kids and their teachers, new clothes to be purchased, lots of fall sale shopping to be done, and starting to think of the Holiday Season that you are reminded of each time you visit the mall. If lucky you just might get to see Santa in October.

For sure, there’s something special about the fall season. It’s called allergies which seem to run rampant for at least three months. It happens to be a great time to visit your doctor for a flu shot and your dentist to get that long overdue checkup. Afterall, we all know what follows the fall season.

So, we are still in the fall and that means getting enough candy to be ready for hordes of “Trick or Treaters”, Thanksgiving Dinner Planning and what to get who for the soon to arrive Holiday Gifts.
Retailers have again been advertising it’s that time of the year to remember Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanza, and New Year’s planning.

Geez, that was fast because Winter has once again arrived.
And, that means preparing those sumptuous holiday meals, accepting or declining the many invitations to parties, decorating the house or apartment, finalizing gift lists and getting into the holiday seasonal spirit with Christmas music being heard on just about every radio station.

Whew, no one said going through the year would be easy.

So here we are back on December 31st, once again awaiting the arrival of that crystal ball to drop in Times Square signaling the start of another New Year and here, we go again!
Although this has been a very quick trip through the year the reminder is to enjoy every season, and each day. Have fun, and laugh a lot while watching your step.

On behalf of Monmouth Health & Wellness and this author, we wish you a Fantastic New Year with all your wishes being fulfilled!

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