Break out the sun screen (preferably SPF 1000) and begin shmearing it all over your body. Now, get that oversized beach hat, you know the one that’s been sitting in the closet for the past 8 months. And, finally dare to get into last years beach attire. That’s it you are know officially ready for the Summer of 2018 and all the enjoyment it brings.

GOD knows we’ve waited long enough for the sun to shine and the warm days to begin.

But, unfortunately Mother Nature seems to have different plans for us. The Summer of 2018 has gotten off to a less than enthusiastic start. With weather predictions of cloudy, cold and rainy days to lessen our traditional summer expectations, it’s surely not the start we envisioned.

And, why is it always the weekends? As I am sure you have noticed at least heading into June, it seems that every weekend is wet, and the weekdays have the sun. I guess we’ll have to wait it out. As mom would say, “Good things are worth waiting for”.

However, let us not lose hope. Summer will surely arrive just don’t look at the calendar. Sure, it says June, July, or August – but know that you may also enjoy the beach or the pool in September, and sometimes even October. Eventually we will get our summer (and hopefully on weekends).

So, let’s stay ready and that means being prepared. Remember when it’s hot, it’s hot. And, when it’s humid, it’s humid. As you know this is the perfect combination for making sure your air conditioner has been fully serviced, because many of us will find temporary refuge indoors from overbearing heat, and yes even rain.

Okay, that’s enough of a downer. Let’s think summer fun. You know the drill, it’s trips to the beach, it’s picnics, it’s barbeques, it’s walks (yes, with the dog), it’s cycling, it’s tennis, it’s photo-taking, and for sure it’s golf.

As a reminder, whatever you do, please do not overdo. The summer is a special time of the year, but we want you to consider your health. Simply things like staying hydrated and refreshed, with lots of water is simply a smart thing to remember.

As for additional activities, how about those weekend sightseeing trips? There are numerous weekend resorts to be visited. From our numerous shore beaches with amusements, to the majestic mountains, plus there are always the city trips to New York and Philadelphia.

When was the last time you visited Point Pleasant, Long Beach Island, Atlantic City, Avalon, Wildwood or Cape May? These are also fun weekend getaways, perfect for the summer months.

Just taking a drive to one of the shore towns for dinner in one of the many great restaurants is usually an enjoyable experience.

The options are plentiful because it’s time to take advantage of all that surrounds us. Summer is a time to enjoy and share with friends and relatives. It’s a time to feel good about yourself and being outdoors simply enhances this good feeling.

So, take it all in, because it won’t be long before we will once again be looking out the window at those grey skies and that white stuff piling up on our once green lawns.

Sorry, here I go with that downer stuff again!

Remember, it’s Summer 2018 and this is what we’ve all been waiting for.

In closing make the most of these special days, stay healthy and have a safe, fun-filled summer with lots of great memories to share.

Stephen Dick is the president of SDMC, a full service creative marketing communications resource –

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