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Skin science secrets for smooth winter skin: Insights from a chemist to break free from dry skin woes

Skin science secrets for smooth winter skin: Insights from a chemist to break free from dry skin woes

(BPT) – If the dropping temperatures instantly make your skin feel dry and uncomfortable, you’re not alone. Between the frigid air outside and overheated air inside, the winter months are loaded with skin stressors that can put your skin on a seemingly endless dry skin roller coaster. According to Dr. Kate Biberdorf, also known as Kate the Chemist, this roller coaster can lead to a weakened skin barrier.

“Think of your skin barrier as a leaky bucket, and you’re constantly trying to fill it with moisturizers — but things like changes in temperature and humidity levels can strip the skin of moisture and contribute to leaks,” explained Kate. “The best solution is to fix the holes in the bucket to strengthen the skin barrier.”

If you find yourself reaching for product after product to get your skin off the dry skin roller coaster, here are Kate the Chemist’s tips to keep your skin looking and feeling its best all winter long.

Protect your skin from winter stressors

Our skin barrier responds to the humidity of the air around us, absorbing and releasing moisture to maintain a balance. To help protect your skin from everything that comes with cold winter months, it’s important to consider what the skin needs when you’re inside or out.

When spending time indoors with the heat on, try to avoid bumping up the thermostat higher than is necessary for comfort. This makes the air hotter, drying out your skin. Consider adding an in-room or whole-home humidifier to moderate the moisture in the air or upgrade your thermostat to one that indicates the humidity levels in your home. Your skin and your energy bills will thank you.

When you head outside, whether enjoying winter sports or playing with the kids out in the snow, defend your skin from inclement weather by bundling up. Go for breathable layers that will keep you cozy and can be shed in case you get too warm. Grab a fashionable hat, scarf and glove set to top it off! Finally, make sure you’re wearing sunscreen on any exposed skin. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends wearing sunscreen every day if you will be outside to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Don’t just use any old body wash or lotion

Key to breaking the dry skin cycle are the products you use to cleanse and moisturize your skin. “Certain body care products hydrate the skin temporarily but don’t help repair the skin barrier. That’s why your skin feels dry again within a few hours,” said Kate.

Body care products that actually help repair the skin barrier make all the difference. Kate recommends using the Olay Hyaluronic Body Wash and Olay Hyaluronic Body Lotion to help break the dry skin cycle.

Olay Hyaluronic Body Wash is formulated with moisturizing ingredients that penetrate the skin’s surface to nourish and restore dry, thirsty skin from within. The body wash is also dermatologically approved by the Skin Health Alliance (SHA), a global organization of independent dermatologists and skin scientists that assess the research and development behind various products to help consumers know what’s good for their skin.

“Olay’s Hyaluronic Body Wash and Body Lotion are packed with skin-loving ingredients, including petrolatum, hyaluronic acid, and a special Vitamin B3 Complex,” said Kate. “These products go the extra mile by diving 10 layers deep into your skin, leaving you with visibly healthier skin. Olay’s special blend of moisturizers isn’t just your average skin saver — it’s a unique formula that deeply nourishes your skin barrier, helping it become stronger and healthier looking over time.”

Shower with care

How you shower can also impact your skin. “By taking short showers with warm water rather than hot water, you can help to keep your skin’s natural oils in your skin where they belong,” Kate noted. After showering with Olay Hyaluronic Body Wash, gently towel off and apply the matching Hyaluronic lotion to your skin while it’s still a bit damp and feel the result.

“Winter can be really rough on the skin,” added Kate. “So make a great body care routine part of your daily ritual. You’ll look and feel so much better when you get off that dry skin roller coaster and break the dry skin cycle for good!”

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