WARNING BEFORE READING! Please hold this article at least six feet from your face for social distancing. (Kidding).

I don’t know about you, but I am ready to drop the ball. What ball? The ball that annually drops at Times Square on December 31st. You know, the ball that says good-bye to the Old and welcomes in the New. In other words, good-bye 2020 and hello 2021.

Look, I am not one who wants to rush the calendar but to this author, the year 2020 cannot end any faster. As years go, this has been an awful year. Although I guess it could have been worse, but it really would be hard to imagine.

From an unexpected GOD-awful virus (Covid 19) that hit us in February creating chaos in taking lives, wrecking an economy, and generally resulting in a state of uncertainty changing our lives. Hey, it is 2020.

Now we need to protect ourselves and our neighbors by taking precaution measures such as wearing a face mask. Its’ something we must get used to, like self-isolating, ordering food to be delivered or picked up, eating outdoors at our favorite restaurants (if available) until the rules change. Getting used to online shopping given that many of our favorite stores both large and small are being closed. We also are being limited in the size of our gatherings. Sports games (if being played) under new rules and regulations to where you may not recognize the game that you are used to. Who could have anticipated this? Remember it is 2020.

As if this horrific virus was not enough, we are also dealing with violence in some of our major cities. Events that start off as peaceful protests have turned to riots and looting. For the record I
am a fan of peaceful protests as everyone’s voice should be heard, but there is no excuse when these protests turn into uncontrollable ugly criminal acts. Remember it is 2020.

So, now we have reached the fourth quarter of 2020 and we now are facing a very nasty Presidential election. Lots of name calling, lies, rumors, in general what was once a civil event has now become a divisive nightmare. Friends are angered, family members do not talk to each other, it is awful. I cannot wait to get this election over. But remember it is 2020.

Hopefully, a Covid 19 vaccine is on the horizon and will be available sooner than later. Because we are now facing a time of the year that traditionally calls for family get togethers. It’s the Holidays, from Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, and Kwanza. No, I did not forget Halloween and of course there’s New Year’s Eve (with six foot spacing). Remember it is 2020.

Yes, it has been a challenging year requiring much adjustment for each of us. And we are left wondering what the future will bring? I must believe that what we are facing will be better.

Okay we agree, it has been a rough year, but put that smile on because 2020 is on its way out and we soon can welcome in a bright new year – welcome 2021!

As a closing note, this article cannot be complete without a special thank you to all our great doctors, nurses, medical professionals, many whom have been involved in treating Covid-19 and are listed on this Monmouth Health and Wellness site.

So, stay healthy, schedule your doctor appointments, speak to the wellness professionals and use the many services as offered by Monmouth Health and Wellness.

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