Be forewarned, because here are some things you should be ready for as advertising media quickly
moves us into 2020.

Let’s begin by asking “what’s the rush”? Because it seems that some people want the new year to
speed by to begin 2021. Maybe these people have had a fantastic 2019 New Year’s Eve celebration, and
they want another celebration before the year plays out. Let’s be fair and give 2020 all the days it’s
entitled to without the rush.

Admittedly, 2020 promises to be a somewhat difficult year given it’s a Presidential election year. And
unfortunately given the political climate, this one could become very divisive and nasty, if we all do not
stay calm and maintain our composure.

As if you needed reminders here is what you will see on your tv screens, iPads, Smartphones and other
electronic equipment that will begin to move the year forward:

In January & February you will be treated to a barrage of weight reduction commercials. From
expensive exercise equipment, to Oprah’s Weight Watchers, to Marie Osmond’s Nutra-System, to an
assortment of various weight reduction pills and appealing get into shape gyms. These are all created
to get you into shape for the summer months and that revealing beach attire.

And for those who are “snowbirds” soaking in the sun and warmth of the South having resisted the
harsh winter months experienced in the North, think of and all the fun you will miss traveling snow
covered icy roads and shoveling the walkway, brrr.

Let’s not forget to mention all those inviting Caribbean cruise commercials for “winter getaways”. They
emphasize the non-stop fun and constant food feasts through the smooth sailing. Okay, you may want
to reconsider those weight reduction options afterall.

We can’t forget all those commercials promoting the good life at the various Florida and Arizona
retirement villages. “Come on down and enjoy your relaxed retirement”. That is until the Summer
temperature reaches the 100-degree mark with humidity to match.

ith April 15th on the horizon we begin seeing in January and February all those H&R Block tax
reminder commercials, Turbotax and many other tax software preparation programs, in addition to
those numerous CPA advertisements that await you.

Hopefully you can survive the incredible barrage of all those medical commercials without getting ill.
Over the months you will see just about every new medical cure both prescription and non-prescription.
Wow, after seeing all these commercials you may think that you have some of the symptoms described.
What can be better than calling your doctor and asking for a medical product that you have seen
advertised on tv because you think it will cure all your ills? Yes, it has gotten to be that crazy.

I am sure that you can remember when a doctor was trusted to prescribe a medicine without being
prompted by the patient to prescribe a product as seen on tv. Isn’t it time we went back to letting
doctors recommend the best treatment?

And, if you feel healthy, seeing all those hospital commercials got to get to you. The best doctors, the
best nurses, the best care will soon be replaced with the best room accommodations, the best food, the
biggest in room televisions, wi-fi and more. Hospitals will soon be promoted as a vacation resort. Bet
your hospital now offers “valet parking”.

It seems that life is getting much easier because now instead of cooking (which to some has become a
lost art), you can phone and have a full meal delivered to your front door. Although you may have the
inconvenience of turning on your microwave to re-heat.

Hey, what about shopping from your home? Now Whole Foods (Amazon), Walmart and just about
every supermarket will fulfill your grocery shopping requests with home deliveries. Of course, that’s for
those who have not forgotten how to prepare a meal.

Okay back to what we will be seeing, in the Spring & Summer you will be reminded not to be thirsty
because you will be inundated with beverage commercials from Power Drinks, Bottled Water, Pepsi,
Beer and including some alcoholic beverages. Who has the ice?

I don’t want to forget your family and home security; because you will surely receive numerous
advertisements from home security systems promising to keep your family and property safe. Some
may even enjoy the prestige of having a security sign placed on their front lawn for all to see.

Of course, throughout the year you will be witness to just about every car and truck commercial made.
Many will be seen one after another, all promoting their incredible safety for both drivers and
passengers. Yes, families of all ages from first drivers to grandma and grandpa will be featured with the
familiar family dog in these commercials. Easy to operate cars that even park themselves are featured
by such as Subaru where dogs are even seen as drivers! You’ve got to wonder what’s next?

Looks like we have arrived at the Fourth Quarter of the year where Fall takes us to Back to School,
Halloween, Thanksgiving, and directly into the Holiday gift giving season. So, be forewarned and get
ready as this pretty much covers the incredible range of gift influencers.

And, here we are arriving to our 2021 New Year’s Eve celebration and once again watching that Time
Square Ball drop to welcome another year while wondering what happened to 2020? So, Happy New
Year 2021!!!

With this edition of Senior Servings, I wish you and those you love a very Happy and Healthy
2020 filled with Great Days Ahead.

Stephen Dick is the president of SDMC, a full-service creative marketing communications resource
– www.sdmc-nj.com

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