OFF MY CHEST . . .by Stephen Dick

OFF MY CHEST . . .by Stephen Dick

Its been a while since I had an opportunity to reflect on some things that I feel should be exposed in this article. There have been so many things that my head was spinning, and I really feel that I must get some of these off my chest.


It seems that as an after effect of the COVID-19 Virus, Seniors are now “officially” being categorized as “elderly”. And that seems to cover anyone who has reached the ripe age of 55 plus.

As a result of this designation I have found that many Seniors are offended. The question is who created this classification? Without proof I have to believe it was the Media.

So, how do you feel about this designation?

Does the word “elderly” offend you more than the word “senior”? It seems that many “people of age” resent being referred to as “elderly”. To this writer I prefer the word “senior”. I see “senior” as an earned status recognition. It reeks of people who have reached a special plateau in life with some accrued knowledge and wisdom. Whereas “elderly” to me denotes more of an aging process. You will know this when you ask your grandchild to assist you in a simple computer task and the reference to “old” might sneak out.

Okay, so maybe I am over-reacting as it is just words, but if I am being classified, I prefer the being a “senior” because I feel we have earned this status. In fact, one could combine being both “elderly” and a “senior”. This would define “elderly” as someone who has reached a certain age, like maybe 80 or plus. Oops, I probably just ticked off anyone who may have reached that golden age, so if offended I apologize.


I do not want a “New” Normal, I simply want “Normal”.

Here again the media has created a “New” Normal. Yes, it is a defining word to express what we will be facing as we move forward and that is change. To the media all things following the pandemic will be “New”. And they will probably be correct. However, I simply want to return to a state of “Normal”.

We also know that, until the coronavirus runs its course, we will be seeing face masks and be required to wear them. Then we have something called “social distancing” which means we should be at least 6 feet apart from another individual. Unfortunately, in many scenarios this is too difficult to achieve even with the best of intentions. So, this also becomes an aspect of “New”.

Shopping, working environments, transportation, social gatherings, dining out, going to a sporting event, with all their restrictions and regulations will be considered as “New”.

Maybe I am selfish, but I just want everything returned to the state we were prior to this God-awful virus. I want people to get out of their homes, I want people to return to business, to get on a jet and fly to a resort, to see a movie or a play, to shop without wearing a mask and gloves, to socialize without the fear of spreading a disease, I want everything returned to “Normal”.

So, I can root for just the word “Normal”, as that is the way I would like to see us return to. However, reality is that we will not see the word “Normal” used again without the addition of “New”. And to me that is a shame.

Okay, thank you for letting me get these two trivial things off my chest.

If you would like to reach me with your comments, thoughts or input:

Stay well, stay strong, and please continue to visit your medical professionals who are in place to keep you healthy. Enjoy the summer months and pray for “Normal”.

Stephen Dick is the president of SDMC, a full-service creative marketing communications resource –

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