Traditionally, January means we are at that time of the year when we make one or more New Year Resolutions. It’s when we resolve to lose some weight, to exercise more, to eat better, and to address some health concerns. And, to simply be a better person. We also know that most resolutions are broken within a month after they are made.

However, this year it’s important to make a resolution that can be kept. You now have reached that special life plateau; you are a Senior. Okay, so what does this have to do with making a New Year’s Resolution? Everything.

As a Senior you have seen more than most and therefore you should have more wisdom that can be shared by setting an example for family and friends alike. This year it’s possibly more important than ever.

Unfortunately, the pundits predict we are heading in a nasty and hurtful direction. Yes, it’s about the political climate and divisiveness of our great nation. As you know we are entering an election year and one that promises to be brutal. Possibly the most brutal we have ever seen and one that rather than unify will surely become more divisive.

We have already witnessed friendships that have been broken and families that cannot sit at the same table without a political argument breaking out. This is thanks to the climate and the separation that political polarization has created. However, this can be changed if enough seniors make a resolution to do so.

Regardless of party affiliation or candidate preference here is where you as a Senior should consider a New Year’s Resolution calling for and setting an example for “Civility”. Look we all know that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but in too many scenarios we see anger and hatred surface. To me that’s crazy and must be controlled as your health might also be affected with too much stress.

Show some tolerance and restraint in letting those who disagree with your opinion have their say. Keep your calm and anger intact. Reasoning should be respected, and it should be a two-way street. You must maintain your cool and learn to walk away if you cannot. Remember that you cannot afford to become stressed, because you want to be around to vote in November which hopefully will settle all disputes.

In keeping your composure, you are setting an example for those who cannot afford to. Just think, wouldn’t it be wonderful to say, “I am a Unified American”. For love of this nation resolve that we all deserve a strong dose of “Civility” and “Unity” in the coming year. Make your resolution count.

In closing this edition of Senior Servings, I am wishing you and those you love a very Happy and Healthy New Year with Great Days Ahead.

Stephen Dick is the president of SDMC, a full-service creative marketing communications resource –

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