Meet Continuum Physical Therapy & Wellness

Meet Continuum Physical Therapy & Wellness

If you have ever done traditional Physical Therapy, you may have felt like so many who sensed they were doing the same circuit of exercises that everyone else did, regardless of your injury or weakness. The assistant shows you how to do each exercise or each piece of equipment and you are pretty much on Autopilot.  Rarely does anyone check to see if you are in the correct posture to do these exercises or even if you are doing them to the best benefit to your body.  The Physical Therapist pops by to do a basic check on you, the rest of the time you are working with an assistant or an aid.  If it weren’t for the chitty chat with the other patients, you sometimes feel you could just do the same repetitive therapies at home on your own.

Physical Therapy should not be a cookie cutter approach, it needs to be one-on-one, and individualized depending on the age, health, and goal of each patient.

Continuum Physical Therapy & Wellness is a new practice in Monmouth County which offers a fresh, new approach to Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab.  Their treatment utilizes state-of-the-art, evidence-based techniques to seek out the root cause of the problem. Unlike traditional therapy which treats the symptoms, we focus on long-term solutions by utilizing a holistic approach, treating the entire person and not just symptoms. Our model emphasizes the use of manual therapy techniques in combination with an individualized, hands-on exercise program to help you achieve your goals.

They also provide alternative therapies which have been proven for generations but are not available through traditional Physical Therapy offices as additional training is required:

  • Cupping therapy
    • Percussion therapy
    • IASTM
    • Trigger point release
  • Joint mobilizations
    • Traction
    • Massage
    • Kinesiology Taping

Most Physical Therapy offices work to help you recover from injury.  Continuum takes it a step further to help you improve to the next level from where you were injured, leaving you stronger and more agile than you were to begin with. A strong framework is needed to stay injury free.

Serious athletes know that working with a physical therapist proactively makes them a stronger, safer athlete in the long run. Many injuries are caused by participating in sports in a weakened condition. Working proactively keeps you in your top condition to participate safely and not loose down time to avoidable situations.

So, whether you are a weekend golfer, an avid tennis player, a high school football or basketball player with hopes for a college career or a serious Olympics contender, you will each benefit from routine visits to keep your body working at its optimum condition.

At Continuum, you are working with a Doctor of Physical Therapy for a full 60-minute session. You have his undivided attention as you are the only patient there. Dr. Bryan J. Dau, the founder of Continuum has been studying his craft for many years:

  • Licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy in New Jersey
  • Penn State University: Schreyer Honors College – Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology Movement Science
  • Drexel University – Doctorate in Physical Therapy
  • Quinnipiac University – Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management

He brings his extensive experience in various clinical settings including inpatient & outpatient rehabilitation, sports rehab, acute hospital care, and home care which you will personally benefit from. He has an approachable attitude in his practice and makes himself available to communicate outside the office for questions using a HIPAA compliant messenger or telehealth video conference.

Patients also love that because you are getting an entire hour of involved, individualized therapy, you do not have to come the typical 3 times a week.  You can get the help you need without it impacting your normal life more than necessary.

If you are trying to deal with an injury or looking to enhance your personal performance, give us a call and we can work on a customized plan to get you where you need to be.

530 Prospect Ave. Suite 2E Building 2
Little Silver, NJ 07739



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