Beware of this Fake Email Claiming Copyright Image Infringement on Your Website

Scams are almost everywhere, especially in the cyberworld. Phishing emails are already common, yet there is another type of scam that is discovered in emails that are disguised as a photo copyright takedown request that is written in the eyes of an ‘annoyed’ photographer.

This serves as a warning, as once you fall for this trap, your computer might be at risk through malware that may harm your files, documents, and other important information stored on your device.

Subject: You have no legal rights to use my images for without my permission! It’s unlawful! It violates my rights! You must remove them right now!…


This is Melea and I am a certified photographer.

I was discouraged, to put it nicely, when I came across my images at your web-site. If you use a copyrighted image without an owner’s consent, you must be aware that you could be sued by the owner.

It’s illegitimate to use stolen images and it’s so mean!

Check out this document with the links to my images you used at and my earlier publications to get evidence of my ownership.

Download it right now and check this out for yourself:[redacted]/home/drive/storage/file/download?FileID=7648267266824[redacted]

If you don’t delete the images mentioned in the document above during the next few days, I’ll file a complaint on you to your hosting provider informing them that my copyrights have been severely infringed and I am trying to protect my intellectual property.

And if it doesn’t work, you may be pretty damn sure I am going to report and sue you! And you won’t receive the second notice from me.

What Happens if You Click the Suspicious Email?

In a report by Security Boulevard, if an email is too good to be true, do not click it immediately. Clicking it might expose you to further cyber harm like data theft and malicious files.

In the case of the email that mimics a copyright takedown request, you can find “Not Found” after clicking the email link. This means that the requested URL is not on the server. Usually, it is a typical message of the sites when no file cannot be located in the URL. Usually, it is the typical message that a user receives from the sites when no files are located within their website.

Last week, Nick Fancher, a photographer called Peta Pixel. He said that he had received an email from the sender named Mel Coleman.

The email appeared to be more suspicious than Fancher could have thought. He grew frantic upon thinking if the sender could be his former co-worker. But, he realized in the end that this was only an email scam.

Fancher said that the email istoo good to be true,’ as he learned that he was being lured into shooting a family reunion in exchange for big pay. Furthermore, you can notice that the emails were only slightly adjusted, so they have many grammar errors. They usually begin with an eye-catching work proposal.

Also, Fancher was aware of refraining from clicking any unknown emails that seem suspicious, which helped him avoid a possible scam.

“I think the lesson to learn here is that it’s critical to be skeptical of any email from any unfamiliar source. Look up their name or business or social media handles to see if they’re legit before responding or clicking on links. As Fox Mulder so eloquently put it, Trust No One,” Fancher ended.

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How will prospective patients know about your practice?

Given today’s increased popularity and usage of smart phones and personal tablets, effectively delivering your message online has become more challenging than ever.

More and more business are competing to rank on page one google but what’s equally as important is getting Chosen by patients in need of your services.

Prospective patients are now on zoom calls and utilizing telehealth services. Many patients are utilizing emailing and “shopping online” for Healthcare options. No one understands this better than the Monmouth Health and Wellness network, a user friendly, no nonsense, Hyper-Local Digital Health and Wellness online resource optimized by Google.

You see Monmouth Health and Wellness (MH&W) is an easy to use directory and online resource that increases your Google presence and exposure of your practice to attract new patients. In addition, we can market your practice in local social media and help you build trust in the community for your services and specialties.

Monmouth Health and Wellness has created a convenient hyper local health and wellness directory for visitors to quickly receive the information they seek. It’s the perfect site created for those searching for a specific medical service, physician, dentist, physical therapist, nutritionist or wellness provider located right here in Monmouth County. has quickly grown in popularity.

  • MHW reaches on 10,000-15,000 viewers a month!

The Average user spends between 5-3.6 minutes per session

  • The Average Viewership Age is Between 30-68
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  • Social Media Audience reaches over 100,000 users from Facebook, Instagram, and Local Community Groups online.
  • Our Monthly Newsletter reaches over 3,000 local Residence and Businesses in Monmouth County


Some of our Newest Features Include:

  • TeleHealth Buttons- Phone links to provider telehealth lines
  • Wellness Offers and Coupons -Printed from your computer for discounts
  • Videos, Blogs, and Podcasts for Patient Education
  • Real-Time Reporting- thousands of views directly to your profile
  • User-Friendly Methods for Patient Contact- via form, phone, or email
  • Online Review Integration with Birdeye- online review marketing software

Here is what MH&W specifically does for you and your practice.

To begin, we get you found on Google, where your practice is listed organically, at a lower cost that PPC, with organic search results. MH& W helps your website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and enhances your digital presence in more than one place on Google.  We include links and funnel traffic to your own website and social channels.

Imagine receiving Real -Time Reporting of thousands of views directly to your profile.

MH&W provides a “get to know you “personal, professional profile and describes the services that your practice offers. It’s your “salesman on the Internet” It’s also a great opportunity for your health-related advice thus being positioned as an “expert” in your field of specialization.

With MH&W your practice joins a Community Network and lists you among your peers.

In social media – where today, many people spend hours a day scrolling, we share in local groups and have build a local following to share your expertise. This helps build trust within the local community. Plus, to promote your special healthcare event, or offering there’s a Monthly E-Blast Newsletter.

Want others to see your patient reviews? MH&W helps build reviews with our Verified Review System and partnership with

Knowing that todays consumers’ health care searches have changed. The approach to building a profitable medical practice must include a digital strategy. In our digitally connected world, word- of- mouth patient referrals happen online and you cannot afford to miss out.

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Case Study Ranking Allegra Ortho

Client: Allegra Ortho

Overview: Client wanted the following keywords rank on front page of google:


Page Creation: 2019/11/30
Keyword: Hip Surgery Monmouth County NJ
Rank: Front Page google
—————————————————————————– Year in Review 2019

In 2019 MHW had a growth of over %50 in organic searches on GOOGLE. Our database participation grew by 25% and we added new features and partnerships.

New Features Update

  • A New Video Showcase

  • The launch of Health and Beauty Tips

  • Fitness Tips

  • Pet Health



  • We have secured a Partnership with the  Geriatric Advisory Council of Monmouth County . This partnership exposes us to a group with a focus on Senior Care and the senior community.
  • MHW Joins forces with Barter Saves to offer online advertising to local businesses


Social Media, Alliances, Stats, and Marketing 

 Google Searches, increased social media followers and more participating doctors, and health and wellness providers.

Our Social media growth exceeding 1,500 local residents with a monthly reach of over 18,000 users per month. Social media group network is now over 150 local Monmouth County Facebook community groups which add thousands of more users to our social media community.   Our organic Google Search Reach has exceeded over 50% of our 2018 reach

MHW organic searches are up 52% from 2018


Product Enhancement

Profile Layout enhancement- Profiles are now Micro Sites that include important contact information immediately on the top of the page as well as on the bottom of the profile. All profiles come with links to website, email links, and an online LEAD Generation Form. Stats are captured in real time.

We look forward to our continued partnership and growth in  2020 as we continue to build a larger presence for Local  Monmouth County  Healthcare. Watch for our new partnerships with online ventures to further increase exposure.

Sign up Today. Be part of the growing community to enhance your business & attract new patients.  Happy New Year

MHW Site Updates 12/29/2019

Here at MHW we’re always looking to grow our presence not only in our Monmouth County Community but online.Below are some new features on MHW

  • This year MWH integrated STACKPATH. StackPath, LLC is an American content delivery network, cloud service and web application firewall provider with headquarters in Dallas, Texas in the United States . The company was founded in 2015 by Lance Crosby. By adding STACKPATH MHW now provides not only secure edge online browsing for our users but faster load times so our end users can search and find Health And Wellness providers with speed.
  • MHW also added an SSL to our platform to better secure our user experience.
  • MHW added request appointment box on the bottom right of all profiles to give user a easier way to get in contact with a Health and Wellness provider.
  • MHW expnded its voice to other online publications Jersey Shore Scene and The Journal