MHW Site Updates 12/29/2019

Here at MHW we’re always looking to grow our presence not only in our Monmouth County Community but online.Below are some new features on MHW

  • This year MWH integrated STACKPATH. StackPath, LLC is an American content delivery network, cloud service and web application firewall provider with headquarters in Dallas, Texas in the United States . The company was founded in 2015 by Lance Crosby. By adding STACKPATH MHW now provides not only secure edge online browsing for our users but faster load times so our end users can search and find Health And Wellness providers with speed.
  • MHW also added an SSL to our platform to better secure our user experience.
  • MHW added request appointment box on the bottom right of all profiles to give user a easier way to get in contact with a Health and Wellness provider.
  • MHW expnded its voice to other online publications Jersey Shore Scene and The Journal