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Marita Lynn Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Chef Monmouth County NJ

Feeling good is the root to live a happy life. When we don’t feel good, we start getting sick, it doesn’t matter if you eat the healthiest food.

My name is Marita Lynn, I am passionate about helping people feel good about themselves, by cultivating self love, not only with nutrition, but with every aspect of their lives.

Self love and feeling good, have been something I have strived for many years, and this quest sent me into the journey of discovery and self growth.

I also love to cook and feed people, for me cooking and feed others is a way to love them, it is another love language, we transmit who we are through our cooking, because through our hands we transmit our energy. My mom’s and the women in my generation, used food to nurture and express love, that is one of the reasons I became a chef.

Being also a certified nutritionist and professional chef, and honestly, I could share with you about all my credentials and past training and jobs, as well as awards, but my intention is to open my world to you, and show you who I am, and inspire you to share more of yourself with the world.

I am here for you to help you feel good, be happy, and make the best decisions for yourself and the ones you love, and this way, make the world a better place.


  • 1:1  Nutritional Coaching
  • 40 Day Wellness Program

40 Days of Customized Wellness and Nutrition Program

We will cover the following:

1. Once a week nutrition consultation coaching

2. Once a week local market, grocery store visits

3. Pantry cleaning and organizing

4. Weekly Meal Planning

5. Weekly Cooking Classes. Total of 3 recipes for two people, ingredients included.

6. Online support

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