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Jill Garaffa MS OTR L PCC

Jill GaraffaJill Garaffa MS OTR L PCC is a Professional Certified Coach, Energy Leadership Master Practitioner and Licensed Occupational Therapist.

Jill is the owner and founder of Seeds of Change Health & Wellness Coaching which provides lifestyle coaching services to individuals and groups, from families to corporations. Jill holds a B.S. in Occupational Therapy from Kean University, and formal training program certificates in life coaching from both Comprehensive Coaching U and IPEC: The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. Jill has been coaching for over 12 years. She works with clients over the telephone, virtually, and in person.

Life Coaching has gained much popularity over the past decade in the world of business; many people may not realize that life coaches also work with people on a personal level. Similar to how a personal trainer can bring you to your full potential with your body, life coaching is a process that helps bring out your full potential in your life. Whether your goals are around career, health and wellness, relationships or finances, a coach can help you get out of your own way, clarify what you want and help you gain momentum to have breakthroughs in your life.

  • One on One- These 45 minute sessions are done on the telephone. Packages range from 3-months to 6-months and include unlimited email support and spot-calls in between sessions. This program is ideal for busy professionals & anyone committed to their health & wellness.
  • Group Coaching – Packages range from 4-12 weeks and include one hour live sessions, done at the group’s location (i.e. work, church, community center, home) or through conference calls. Includes unlimited email support in between sessions.
  • Keynote Speaker – Seeds of Change Health & Wellness Coaching is available for presentations for any size audience.
  • Workshops – Seeds of Change Health & Wellness Coaching offers workshops on many topics. Please call for more information.


What is your coaching style?

My coaching style centers on creating a mind-set. To shift how you think and behave in life which allows you to be in a state of choice, intentionality and have power in areas of life that are important to you. Together we will create a consciousness rather than “self-consciousness”. My commitment is to empower you to be present and intentional with choices around your life and circumstances in order to alter the relationship you have with yourself.

Describe some of the results you have helped your clients achieve?

Although weight loss is the main reason people initially become my clients, the results people achieve infiltrate all areas of their lives. My clients have reported a feeling of empowerment, centeredness and choice in all areas of their lives, a feeling of peacefulness regarding food and other challenges and a tendency to stay in action rather than take a passive role in their life.


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