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Empowered Learning Transformation Center located in Hazlet NJ is a learning center for children and adults with ADHD and related problems.  ELT Centers take a holistic approach in the areas of learning, focus, and attention. For over 20 years, we have helped learners of any age and ability, break through to peak performance levels.

ELT Centers have transitioned over 700 students dealing with learning difficulties and labels like “ADHD” off powerful medications, while also enabling students to cut their homework time by as much as two-thirds.

Step 1- begins with a special assessment process.  Once deficiencies in any of the screened areas are identified, the program is tailored to remediate the deficiencies, which enables the student to then easily assimilate any content taught in school.


  • ADHD & ADHD Testing
  • Autism & Learning Disabilities
  • Developmental Disorders
  • Adult ADHD
  • Cognitive Skills
  • Sensory-Motor Integration
  • Visual Processing

Our Approach

The Empowered Learning™ Program consists of educational and medical technologies that fix underdeveloped abilities, by changing brain and mind/body integration.

Research and developments in neurology over the last 30 years have shown that the brain is not static and can be rewired (neuroplasticity). This has validated the ELTC approach of effectively “rewiring” the brain by increasing and strengthening the neural pathways, which has a positive effect on an individual’s ability to learn.”

Additionally, the Empowered Learning™ Program improves physical performance in the areas of balance and coordination, which can often improve athletic performance.

About Our Staff

Jeff Mastroly


Jeff Mastroly, is a Jersey City, N.J. native. Jeff attended The College of N.J, and majored in health and physical education.  Jeff is currently a health and physical education teacher at Collier High School, a private, non-profit HS for students with disabilities.  At Collier, Jeff developed a successful Holistic Health Education program, the first of its kind.  Jeff believes Collier and the Empowered Learning Transformation Centers are alike in their values — each puts the kids’ needs first; the atmosphere is loving, caring and fun; and all employees are working together for a common cause.

Dr. Richard Reutter, MD, FAAP


Dr. Reutter is a nationally known developmental pediatrician in practice for 30 years, specializing in developmental, attention, and behavior-related disorders.

Peter Riddle


Peter has over 37 years of experience in the education field. A certified Structure of Intelligence (SOI) specialist and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, he has also developed training programs used in the comprehensive sensory-motor and visual processing gym, cognitive exercises, and Learning Strategies™.

How Does Brain Rewiring Work?

The Empowered Learning™ Program is an exclusive combination of “outside-the-box” educational and medical technology that works on the brain’s processing abilities and literally changing the brain physically as it eliminates barriers to learning.

With a 90+ percent success rate validated by pre- and post-program testing over 15 years, our learning center providers for both children and adults, focus on:

  • Developing foundational learning skills,
  • Assessing and remediating underdeveloped sensory-motor integration skills, visual processing skills, and cognitive processing skills, and
  • Teaching learning strategies that enhance academic performance.

The Empowered Learning Pyramid:
The Foundati
on of All Learning

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