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Dr. Michael Brandon Sports Medicine Chiropractor Colts Neck NJ

Dr. Michael Brandon, Director of Nutrition at Functionised Colts Neck NJ 

Dr. Michael Brandon is a doctor of Chiropractor. Dr. Brandon is an international expert on health and nutrition, and has a unique and personalized approach to nutrition. His unique approach to medical nutrition goes above and beyond what any other organization can achieve in terms of success by treating each individual at the cellular level.

His careful analysis of the individuals’ goals, current state of health and lab work allows him to carefully craft and implement a lifestyle of positive health, ideal weight and daily performance.

Dr. Brandon is highly sought out by both celebrities and athletes worldwide and will be featured in the upcoming film, The Keto Project Movie.

Chiropractic care at Functionised

Chiropractic therapy is ideal for every age of person either a child or a grown adult. Our highly educated licensed chiropractors offer health benefit suggestions that lead towards a fit lifestyle. Chiropractic is an ongoing treatment that steadily improves spinal pain, joint dysfunction, and muscle improvement. In this way, your whole nervous system begins to work genuinely. Above all, we offer you more convenience by our user-oriented location, periods, and prompt consultation facilities. In this way, you and your family will find more ease towards us.

About Functionised 

At Functionised, we use cutting edge science to create protocols and programs for you to improve your cellular performance. Whether it’s in our AI backed FIT Lab, our top ranked FIT Clinic, our unique FIT Nutrition Center or our FIT Zen Den, our highly educated team of health professionals utilizes science and technology and combines it with decades of experience to allow you to biohack yourself to a better version of you.


Functionised is made up of the Fit Clinic, Fit Lab and Fit Nutrition ( back links to site)

Benefits In Chiropractic Therapy


  • University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic- Doctorate of Chiropractic
  • Mansfield University of Pennsylvania – Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition with a double specialization of Dietetics and Sports Nutrition.

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