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Concierge Doctor IV Therapy & Wellness Center in Long Branch NJ

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Concierge Doctor IV Therapy & Wellness Center in Long Branch NJ

The Remedy Realm, offers Intravenous Treatments & Rehydration Therapy. Dr. Avraham Schreiber, MD is the Clinical Director.

Feel your best with IV Therapy treatments offered at The Ready Realm IV Lounge and Wellness Center in Long Branch. The Remedy Realm provides individual IV infusions to administer nutrients directly and quickly into your body for healing therapies. IV Infusions are available for Immunity Boosting, Improving Mental Clarity, Brain Boosts, Vitamins, Anti-Aging, Athletic Performance, Sexual Health, Hair and Skin to Prevention of Cold and Flu or Covid-19. Get the treatment you deserve from home or at The Remedy Realm Lounge in Long Branch.

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  • IV Treatment

Feel your best with The Remedy Realm IV Therapy treatments. Individual IV infusions, intravenous line placed, and contents administered via IV bag, generally 30-45 minutes.

  • Concierge Home Visits- Dr. Schreiber offers premium service for in-home consultation and treatments of medical ailments such as illness, Covid, or injuries. Concierge home visits for illness and injury for children and adults. Delivering primary & urgent care service, without having to leave home.
  • Aesthetic Treatments – Localized injection for fat removal- Aesthetic injectable for the lower abdominal pouch, love handles or double chin (using Lipo-dissolve- Deoxycholic acid)
  • Peptide Therapy– Peptides are short-chain amino acids that utilize the body’s natural processes for healing and rejuvenation.

Benefits Of Peptide Therapy include:

Help reverse symptoms of sexual dysfunction

Improved athletic performance

Decrease joint and muscle pain

Build muscle mass

Accelerate healing processes

Better sleep quality

Burns fat

Reduced Inflammation

Improved brain health and cognition

Increased Skin Firmness

  • Hair Restoration and Hair Transplants -Get your hair back by restoring a fuller hairline with the ARTAS® robotic hair restoration procedure
  • Weight Loss – Obesity and overweight increase the risk of many health conditions. We use a formulation known as Semaglutide Plus, otherwise referred to as The Skinny Shot Plus.


Clinical Director Dr. Avraham Schreiber

Dr. Avraham Schreiber, MD graduated from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 1995. After completing medical school, he went on to receive residency training in two separate residency programs over the course of six years.

He completed training in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine and obtained board certification in each. He went on to practice in multiple Emergency Departments throughout the tri-state area. Here he gained experience in small community hospitals as well as tertiary care centers, tending to advanced trauma injuries from major motor vehicle accidents, gunshot and stab wounds, heart attacks, strokes, and major and minor illnesses. He then went on to practice in New York Urgent Cares, helping to manage and direct the physicians of the urgent care chain.

Dr. Schreiber pursued training in the field, studying with experts to become adept in the growing field of knowledge regarding anti-aging, and restorative medicine. After discovering the enormous possible benefits, he pursued the practice of pre-eminent elite health medicine whose goals are preemptive vitality augmentation.

He is known for his caring, friendly demeanor. One of his qualities that is commented on by many of his patients is that he really cares.

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