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Carol Wilson is a Wellness and Lifestyle Coach in Monmouth County.  Carol is supporting people in improving the quality of their health. She offers coaching and direction in stepping up their nutrition, and provides programs to release toxins in the body.

When I was growing up, the only form of exercise I knew was watching my mother do windmills and touching her toes. As I got older, I worked in a corporate job. I married, raised my family…and then one day I found myself out of work and feeling unfulfilled. In a casual conversation with a friend, we started talking about cleansing, detoxing, menopause – #latebloomer. Who knew?
I thought I ate well. I thought I was strong and healthy — and…you might too. Years ago, my Mom was doing windmills; today, I’m doing Isagenix. I’m 75 now and I’ve truly come full circle. No more windmills when it comes to my health and energy. I cleanse, I detox, I put good nutrition in my body…easily and conveniently. What about you?

Carol lives in Navesink, NJ with her husband Bill Wilson and is a Wellness and Lifestyle Coach.   Nutritionally-supported intermittent fasting focuses on releasing toxins from our bodies . Although not everyone is overweight, everyone is toxic, and its important to put good nutrition into our bodies as food today does not have the nutrients it had years ago, and many foods today have chemicals in them.  I truly believe there is a better way to age. We can age AND be strong AND be sassy! That it truly is NEVER too late to write a new story. Most everyone wants to feel and look their best as they age. I know now that age is simply a number! With a healthy lifestyle you can remain active, fit, healthy and live abundantly no matter your age.

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I teach people how to live their best lives possible and feel better than they ever have.

People hire me to coach and mentor them, to keep them focused and to keep it simple.

As a Wellness Coach I work with people who are looking to lose weight, build lean muscle, improve energy and sleep, age gracefully.

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  • Isagenix Isagenix International LLC is a privately held multi-level marketing company that sells dietary supplements and personal care products.

Contact Carol at 908-461-3873 for a free consultation.

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