Introducing Resensation® A new technique designed to potentially restore sensation after mastectomy

Introducing Resensation®  A new technique designed to potentially restore sensation after mastectomy

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When it comes to breast reconstruction, we often discuss size, shape, softness, and symmetry. Samra Plastic Surgery is pleased to announce our practice is now adding sensation to the conversation with a new technique called Resensation®.

“The surgeons at Samra Plastic Surgery are breast reconstruction experts. We’ve been performing breast reconstruction post mastectomy whether due to cancer or for prophylactic reasons for over 40 years. We’re continually educating ourselves on the newest advancements in reconstructive surgery and are on the leading edge of our field because we perform this innovative procedure,” said Dr. Said A Samra, founder and plastic surgeon at Samra Plastic Surgery, a private practice located in Holmdel, Old Bridge, Freehold, and Summit, NJ.

When breast tissue is removed during a mastectomy, nerves that provide feeling to the breast, skin and nipple are cut. This typically leaves the chest area permanently numb. Until recently, women often had to live with the loss of sensation even if they opted for breast reconstruction. Breast implants, while capable of creating aesthetic appearing breasts, would do little to restore sensation to the breast after nerves were severed.

Sensation allows us to interpret information that can help keep us safe like when we feel heat or cold and can show us love like when we feel a hug. The loss of breast and chest wall sensation after mastectomy can negatively impact a woman’s body image and psychological health. For many women, breast reconstruction to look more like their former selves may not be enough to overcome the loss of feeling.

Resensation is a highly advanced method of performing breast neurotization using donor nerve tissue. The neurotization, or nerve transfer, technique was developed by AxoGen®, a leader in surgical solutions for peripheral nerve injuries. AxoGen’s Avance® Nerve Graft is derived from human tissue for transplantation approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Resensation can be performed during free flap breast reconstruction surgery. Autologous or free flap breast reconstruction is a procedure in which tissue and its blood supply, the artery and vein, are surgically removed from one part of the body and transferred to another area. For example, tissue from the abdomen can be transferred to the chest. Using the nerve allograft, we can now close the gap between the nerves in the free flap and remaining nerves in the chest, to encourage growth of nerve fibers and restore sensation in the newly formed breast.

“We are one of the select practices in the US now offering this breakthrough surgical nerve repair technique,” said Dr. Fares Samra, microsurgeon at Samra Plastic Surgery. “Resensation is performed as an extra step during free flap breast reconstruction. It can be performed as part of an immediate reconstruction at the time of mastectomy, or months or even years later, as a part of delayed reconstruction or revision to a previous procedure. We’re seeing all types of patients expressing their desire to feel again.”

To learn more call Samra Plastic Surgery at 732-739-2100. Schedule a consultation with one of our five board-certified plastic surgeons to discuss Resensation.

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