How Your Body Works By Active Healing Center

How Your Body Works By Active Healing Center

Your body is a very complex system made up of multiple systems.  An infinite amount of moving parts needs to work together in balance to create a healthy, happy you.  Physiology is the study of how your body works.  It is the study of how all these moving parts come together and communicate with each other in order to acclimate your body to your surroundings.

As complex as the physiology of your body is, there is a simplicity to it as well.  Every cell, tissue, muscle, joint, organ and fiber of your body has to work harmoniously with one another and there must be one system to control it all.  This system, your Central Nervous System, is made up of your brain and spinal cord.  Every fiber of your body sends messages through the spinal cord to the appropriate part of your brain.  Your brain, in return, sends its response back through the spinal cord to the appropriate parts of your body for the appropriate action.  This happens at lightening speeds every second of your life whether you are awake or asleep.

The role of your Central Nervous System is to acclimate your body to your environment.  Your Central Nervous System has three responses:

  • Normal response- your body is functioning at a near optimal level and can very easily acclimate to your environment.
  • Hyper response- your body over responds to its surroundings, such as the case with an allergy when your body has an over reaction to your environment.
  • Hypo response- your body doesn’t react enough as seen in a condition like hypothyroidism.

In general, the response of your nervous system will determine your overall health and well being not only today but for all the years to come.  When our body is functioning at near optimal levels, it is our personal responsibility to work to maintain that normal function.  When there is an abnormal function of our body, it is our responsibility to work to improve the function of our body.

At the Active Healing Center, we test 23 parameters of your health to determine how your body is functioning.  We use these parameters to calculate your own personal Wellness Score.  From this score, we can precisely assess where you are doing well and then assist you in maintaining normal function.  We can also discern where there are problems and then devise a specific program to enhance the function of your body.  Our goal is to always keep you moving forward and never let you go backwards.  If you have any health concerns, please contact us today at 732-683-0200.

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