Helping Your Child Succeed in School

Helping Your Child Succeed in School

Back to School Anxiety is not just for the student, parents suffer their own version. Don’t let your stress spill over on them. Project positive!

Hopefully by now you have completed your parental scavenger hunt also known as a Supply List.  Make sure your child has what they need to complete their schoolwork. They are uneasy and embarrassed if they are not prepared.

Routine creates normalcy, even in trying times. After a year and a half of not knowing what to expect from the future, kids need routines now more than ever. Parents should establish a schedule to battle back-to-school anxiety. Both you and your child know what to expect. A good night’s sleep with consistent bedtime, eating nutritious foods to maintain energy level, and doing activities at the same time every day will make kids more comfortable as they return to the classroom.

Last year meant huge restrictions for kids, you need to find out what the new normal is for your school district. Masks?  No today?  Yes tomorrow?  Try to be able to roll with the changes. 

One way to start the school year off on a positive note is to partner with your child’s teacher. Sharing information is essential and both teachers and parents should take responsibility for making it happen.

If there are problems at home that may affect behavior or performance, clue the teacher in as early as possible. Teachers need to inform parents of what the school expects from their children and from them.

Check out the school handbook and website, it is a wealth of information. This will answer many questions that will arise over the year, and much of it is available online. It may clarify what the expectations are for your child, rules, and regulations, how the school measures student progress and other important details.

Pay attention to the school calendar to know important dates, special days like picture day and testing, in-service days, half days etc. Get to know some of the parents in the class as well as some of your child’s class mates, especially a few that live nearby to help with forgotten books and lost assignments.

The school website is a handy tool. Many schools have improved theirs after a year of remote learning. Most school allow direct communication with teachers by email so you can be on top of your child’s progress without waiting until back to school night to make changes. If you are lucky, your school website will have assignments posted so you can stay on top of your little student.

Do your best to stay informed throughout the year by attending PTO meetings as well as back to school night, conferences etc. This is your opportunity to have face time, meet people and be a well-informed parent.

If you have the ability, it is also a good idea to volunteer in the school building. Class Mom, Chaperone, Phone Chain. Sometimes work or other commitments make it difficult for you to volunteer in the school. There may be ways to help from home.

School years fly by, and your children grow up and out before you know it. Make the most of it as a parent and enjoy the camaraderie with the other parents. You can make wonderful connections and friends while learning from other parents too.

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