Hazlet Pharmacy can help you get, and stay, healthy HAZLET

Hazlet Pharmacy can help you get, and stay, healthy HAZLET

Hazlet Pharmacy has been a family owned and operated business serving the Bayshore area since October 1959. They are a full service pharmacy, offering free delivery, prescription flavorings, blood pressure monitoring, vaccinations, plus a one-on-one consultation with all their prescription customers.

They also have a very extensive gift department that features gifts for all occasions, hand bags, jewelry, women’s fashion, hand and body lotions, gifts for men and so much more. They offer free gift wrapping for all in store purchases and a rewards program that gives you money back for all your purchases.

The newest venture at Hazlet Pharmacy is their Wellness Center and Introduction to the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol.

Ideal protein is medically designed to promote weight loss while sparing muscle mass. It is a 4-Phase protocol that encourages pancreas and blood sugar level stabilization while burning fat and maintaining muscle and other lean tissue. The centerpiece of the weight loss protocol is the gourmet protein based foods, which the client will consume during the weight loss phases of the program.

Last August, they were looking for a weight loss program to offer to their customers when they found Ideal Protein — and it seemed like a perfect fit. Not only is it backed by medical physicians, it has helped so many people lower their cholesterol, blood pressure, and has helped diabetics reduce their insulin medication need. Not only that, it really works to lose weight and finally get your life back.

Before offering this to their customers, they decided to try the diet for themselves so that they would be more capable of coaching patients in the future. Gail Hart and Teresa Tollevsen are your coaches at Hazlet Pharmacy Wellness Center. Hart, a Registered Pharmacist, dropped 30 pounds in three months, and Tollevsen has lost 55 pounds in six months. They have both had their own weight issues their entire life and have been struggling the last few years to lose weight. With the help of Ideal Protein it was easy. They will be helping you through your weight loss journey and will meet with you on a weekly basis to weigh and measure you, and help you pick out your food for the week. And by the way, the food tastes great, and there’s so many choices, like pancakes, eggs, oatmeal, shakes, chips, soups, pasta and so much more. Call them today at 732-264-3310 to find out about Ideal Protein and how it can help you get your life back and help you feel great again.

As seen in The Monmouth Journal June 21st issue

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