Happy 108th Birthday Anna Del Priore By Lori Draz

Happy 108th Birthday Anna Del Priore By Lori Draz

September 5 marks the 108th birthday of Anna Del Priore. Amazing? Just wait, that’s just the start. This sweet, smiling centenarian has become a national celebrity.

You see, at age 6, Anna Del Priore recovered from the Spanish Flu.  This June, in her 107th year, Anna beat the odds again. She has recovered from COVID-19.

Still not amazing enough?

Anna’s sister Helen, who lives in Queens, is 105 and she too has also recently recovered from COVID-19 after surviving the Spanish Flu in her early childhood.

Anna became a media sensation. Her story was covered on Fox News, Forbes, the Hill, The Asbury Park Press and many other news outlets, but to the staff of Brighton Gardens of Middletown, Anna has always been a star.

Anna attributes, dancing and being active as part of her formula for her incredible longevity. She and her late husband, Frank, loved to dance. Frank was a professional tango dancer, and Anna still loves to dance. Until the age of 100 Anna would make a daily mile walk to meet up with friends for coffee at McDonald’s.

Anna’s family says she made dinner every night for her family and she was always moving. She’d walk to the store, paint the house (even when they asked her not to) and of course teach them her dance moves.

Laura Halle, one of Anna’s caregivers at Brighton Gardens of Middletown, said “People don’t believe me. It’s really been incredible to watch her journey. At 108 she gets up, combs her hair, walks and dances. For the rest of my life, I’ll be able to say I met and loved someone who’s made it this far and stayed healthy.”

So Happy Birthday to Anna Del Priore, 108 and going strong!

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