Functional Lab Testing By Dan Cardellichio DC, MS

Functional Lab Testing By Dan Cardellichio DC, MS

What is Functional Lab Testing? Functional lab testing is used to find the core causes to your health problems. We can use blood, urine, stool, and saliva to analyze your detoxification process, hormones, immune system, and digestion. Importantly, the results of the functional lab testing would help me help you with a program of care that is specific for your biochemistry and metabolism. This is vital as everyone has a unique biochemistry. We want to make sure we give you the best chance experience optimal health.

Let’s look at this further.

Food Sensitivity Testing – foods that you eat daily can cause inflammation. This inflammation can lead to chronic health conditions. Apples, chicken, beans, broccoli, and salmon may cause your biochemistry to have inflammatory reactions. If this is the case, we want to eliminate these foods and replace them with foods that are for your biochemistry and metabolism. The food sensitivity panels that we may order tests for 180 different foods that may cause inflammation.

Wheat Zoomer testing – this testing is for  wheat and gluten related disorders. This test looks at protein antibodies associated with wheat and gluten sensitivities. From there was can reduce, monitor, an manage the adverse inflammatory effects wheat and gluten. Low energy and fatigue, leaky gut, weight gain/loss, and headaches are a few conditions associated with these sensitivities.

Food Allergy Testing – when we want to get a full picture of the inflammatory process for foods we may order food allergy testing and food sensitivity testing together to provide the most comprehensive look and these reactions.

With all this information we can determine if your diet is causing inflammation and associated with chronic health conditions. We remove the source of the reactive foods that are causing the inflammation, and this permits the reduction of symptoms and the healing process to begin.

Inhalant Allergy Testing – with spring upon us seasonal allergies from sensitivities to pollens from trees, grasses, airborne mold spores, and weeds are common. Functional nutrition can play a vital role in alleviating symptoms.

As you can see functional lab testing is critically important. We make sure your program of care is precise for your biochemistry and metabolism so that you can experience optimal health.

Yours in Health.

Dan Cardellichio DC, MS

Clinical Nutritionist.

MS, Human Nutrition

Adjunct Professor, University of Bridgeport, Nutrition Institute

103 Professional View Drive

Freehold, NJ 07728


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