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Clearing Emotional Clutter: 4 Day Challenge

March 14 @ 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Why This Challenge?

Proven Techniques: Our expert-led sessions delve deep into powerful methods such as intuitive meditation, EMDR, and art therapy. These aren’t just quick fixes – they’re scientifically-backed strategies that have helped countless individuals reclaim their emotional well-being.

Personalized Guidance: You’ll receive individualized support every step of the way. Our instructors are here to answer your questions, provide feedback, and ensure you get the most out of each session.

Life-Changing Results: Imagine waking up each morning feeling lighter, clearer, and more empowered than ever before. That’s the promise of this challenge. By the end of the four days, you’ll have the tools and confidence to navigate life’s ups and downs with ease.

The 4 Day Challenge Roadmap

Day 1: Intuitive Meditation

Time: March 14, 5PM PST

Duration: 1 hour

Focus: Learning how to move other people’s energies out of one’s space.


Lecture on intuitive meditation and the concept of absorbing others’ emotions.

Practice psychic meditation to develop skills in recognizing and releasing foreign energies.

Homework: Implement intuitive meditation techniques regularly.

Day 2: Butterfly Hug & Art Therapy

Time: March 15, 5PM PST

Duration: 1 hour

Focus: Butterfly Hug clearing technique combined with art therapy for emotional digestion.


Introduction to the butterfly hug technique and its role in processing emotions.

Incorporation of art therapy to allow subconscious expression.

Homework: Practice the butterfly hug technique and engage in further artistic expression to delve into subconscious emotions.

Day 3: Understanding Repeating Emotions

Time: March 16, 5PM PST

Duration: 1 hour

Focus: Identifying and temporarily moving recurring emotions.


Exercise to analyze repeating emotions in life patterns.

Introduction to a psychic tool for temporarily moving recurring emotions.

Homework: Apply the psychic tool to manage repeating emotions.

Day 4: Journaling with Higher Self & Manifestation

Time: March 17, 5PM PST

Duration: 1 hour

Focus: Journaling to connect with the higher self and manifest desired emotions.


Guided journaling session to meet the higher self and identify desired emotions.

Bridging exercise to connect with future selves for manifestation.

Homework: Regular journaling sessions to maintain connection with the higher self and manifest desired emotions.

What You’ll Gain:

Emotional Liberation: Bid farewell to stress, anxiety, and self-doubt. Our techniques will help you release pent-up emotions and embrace a newfound sense of freedom and joy.

Manifestation Mastery: Say hello to the life of your dreams. Through journaling, visualization, and connection with your higher self, you’ll learn how to manifest your deepest desires with precision and purpose.

Concrete Tools & Techniques: Walk away with practical tools you can use anytime, anywhere, to maintain emotional balance and well-being. These techniques are yours to keep, providing ongoing support long after the challenge ends.

General Outcome:

Participants will feel lighter and clearer emotionally.

They will gain a clearer outlook on their future.

Increased confidence in manifesting their future.

Concrete tools provided for ongoing emotional cleanup.

Life-changing techniques for long-term emotional well-being.

About the instructor:

Rev. Knighted Merit Mayati is a distinguished graduate of the Berkeley Psychic Institute and a certified instructor with Arnoux Goran Seminars. With a professional and intuitive approach, Merit is highly regarded by clients in both corporate and entertainment fields for over 15 years.

Devoting thousands of hours to her loving vocation, Merit has been a catalyst for transformation, opening the eyes of her clients to their spiritual abilities. As a seasoned spiritual life coach, she possesses an extraordinary talent for identifying beliefs, emotional pain, and blockages hindering the path to one’s desires.

Beyond her spiritual coaching, Merit has delved into the realm of health for over 15 years. For seven years, she successfully researched and managed the supplement store for Arnoux Goran Seminars. Additionally, she brings expertise as a nutrition and detoxification coach and holds certification as a Maha Yoga Instructor.

In every facet of her work, Rev. Dame Merit Mayati seamlessly combines her spiritual insights, coaching prowess, and extensive knowledge in mental, emotional, physical health, offering a holistic approach to transformation and well-being.