Enjoy a little freedom after quarantine and the beautiful summer weather

Enjoy a little freedom after quarantine and the beautiful summer weather

It is so glorious to be out and about, enjoying a little freedom after quarantine and the beautiful summer weather.  It is a shame to waste the daylight hours staring at metal gym equipment when you can be getting in your workout and communing with Mother Nature.

Physical activity is any form of exercise or movement of the body that uses energy. Some of your daily life activities—doing active chores around the house, yard work, walking the dog—are examples.  You can have your quiet time alone, include friends, or make it a family outing!

You don’t need a structured program of activity. Fitness comes in many forms for many different levels of activity. Essentially, anything you do that makes your muscles tonier and your heart beat a bit faster must be aiding your health and well-being.  Whether you walk on a treadmill or a beautiful nature trail, you are still walking. Instead of a stair climber, pick an uphill trail. Tennis anyone?

Monmouth County boasts one of the best park systems you could ask for. Most residents don’t even realize they have 37 parks to choose from with such a wide range of activities for every age and activity level. There are activities going on year-round, enjoy your tax dollars at work!

You can get the full listing and complete information on their website https://www.monmouthcountyparks.com .

You have a choice of 6 golf courses, should that be your workout of preference. Turkey Swamp Park in Freehold rents canoes, kayaks, paddleboats, and rowboats, all of which will tune you and tone you. If Pickleball is your pick, you can visit Dorbrook or Thompson Park. Their tennis courts have been striped for Pickleball too.  Tennis is at Holmdel, Dorbrook and Thompson Parks.

There are 22 parks with trails alone, for walking, running, cycling, roller blading, or nature walks. The fitness trails have exercise stations to complete your workout.  They even have a mobile app!

Park Rating Miles Walk/
In-line Bike Horse Canoe/
Big Brook Park E M P 2.5 X X X X  
Clayton Park E M 7 X   X X  
Charleston Springs Golf Course M 2 X   X X  
Crosswicks Creek Park M 1.5 X   X  X X
Deep Cut Gardens E 1 X        
Dorbrook Recreation Area M P 3.3 X X X X**  
Freneua Woods Park E M 2.6 X   X X  
Hartshorne Woods Park E M C P 14.5 X   X X  
Henry Hudson Trail P 24 X X X    
Holmdel Park E M
9 X   X* X*  
Hominy Hill Golf Course E 1 X        
Huber Woods Park E M
7 X     X  
Manasquan Reservoir E M N 6.5 X   X X X
Manasquan River Greenway  M           X
Perrineville Lake Park M 6.7 X   X X X
Shark River Park E M C F 6 X   X X  
Sunnyside Recreation Area E P 1.5 X X   X  
Tatum Park E M 5.6 X   X X  
Thompson Park E M P 13.2 X X X X  
Turkey Swamp Park E M F 9 X   X X X
Union Transportation Trail E 9 X   X X  
Weltz Park E 2 X   X    

Trail Ratings

E = Easy Trails (Green Circle). Well-maintained or paved; intended for walking or running.

M = Moderate Trails (Blue Square). Longer with some grades/obstructions, intended for hiking, equestrians, and all-terrain bicycles (may be suitable for some walkers and runners). Waterways a bit challenging with obstacles and some portages required.

C = Challenging Trails (Black Diamond). Primitive with steep grades or obstructions; intended for hardy, experienced hikers, equestrians, and all-terrain cyclists.

P = Paved Trails. Designed for specific activities such as roller blading, bicycle riding or whatever activity would benefit from a smooth, hard surface.

F = Fitness Trails. Walking/running trail with exercise stations.

N = Nature Trails. (Orchid on Green Circle). Walking trail to view plants, wildlife, and environmental features.


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