How to Create Body Gratitude & Appreciation by Jill Garaffa

How to Create Body Gratitude & Appreciation by Jill Garaffa

Dear Jill,

Over the past few years I’ve put on weight due to various life changes & stresses. I can’t stand the way my body looks and feels. I exercise and eat healthy, yet I can’t seem to get this extra weight off. I struggle with self criticism and negative thoughts because my body. Do you have any suggestions?




Dear Frustrated,

As a life coach, I work in the area of energy. What that means is: my concern is not so much for what you are doing; it is in how you are being.

We can often “do” all the right things—eat healthy, exercise, etc– but if our “being”—our energy or vibration is off, the physical world (our body) will not budge because our thoughts & feelings are not aligned with what we actually want—they are aligned with what we don’t want. The universe is like a magnet. Energetically speaking: it will give you exactly what you think about & talk about. Our being, or energy, encompasses our thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, and our words.

For example: If you’re wanting a smaller body, but you are constantly being critical of yourself, thinking “I’m fat” and feeling “fat” and talking with others about being “fat” then the energy you are putting out is “fat” and it will be the only thing you can attract and experience.

If, on the other hand, you were feeling grateful and appreciative of your current body and you were focused on what you do want, as if you already have it: vibrant health, vitality, energy, strength, etc—then, the universe has no choice then to deliver that to you over time.

To develop gratitude & appreciation for the body you have, consider this: if you had the opportunity to trade in your current body and randomly be assigned a new body, would you take the risk? You can’t pick the new body—it will be randomly assigned and could potentially be much worse than the body you have now. This question brings most people to the realization that they have many things to appreciate about their body, no matter what its size or shape.

At first, the body gratitude exercise may feel awkward, but stick with it. Transforming your physical body begins with transforming your mind, thoughts and feelings. As your coach, I can help you get very clear on what it is that you want so you begin to attract it.

Wishing you clarity, peace and power,


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Jill Garaffa, MS, OTR/L, PCC

Jill Garaffa is a Professional Certified Coach, Energy Leadership Master Practitioner and Licensed Occupational Therapist.

Jill is the owner and founder of Seeds of Change Health & Wellness Coaching which provides lifestyle coaching services to individuals and groups, from families to corporations. Jill holds a B.S. in Occupational Therapy from Kean University, and formal training program certificates in life coaching from both Comprehensive Coaching U and IPEC: The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. Jill has been coaching for over 12 years. She works with clients over the telephone, through Skype and in person.

Life Coaching has gained much popularity over the past decade in the world of business; many people may not realize that life coaches also work with people on a personal level. Similar to how a personal trainer can bring you to your full potential with your body, life coaching is a process that helps bring out your full potential in your life. Whether your goals are around career, health and wellness, relationships or 
finances, a coach can help you get out of your own way, clarify what you want and help you gain momentum to have breakthroughs in your life.

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