Doesn’t everyone need a “Go-to” easy healthy recipe?

by Marcie Seninsky, Program Manager, The TrueU Weight Loss at Advanced Endocrinology & Weight Management, Ritu Malik, M.D.Board Certified in Endocrinology and in Obesity Management Doesn’t everyone need a “Go-to” recipe? Here is one of my favorites, and, as it turns out, one of Dr. Malik’s favorites too.  Shakshuka is a popular breakfast dish in […]

Mushrooms: Gentle on the Planet, Healthy on the Plate

(BPT) – Want to start making more earth-friendly food choices in the kitchen? This Earth Month, start with mushrooms, a healthy food that requires minimal natural resources to produce. According to a 2017 study titled “The Mushroom Sustainability Story,” mushroom production requires relatively low water, energy and land space. Growing one pound of mushrooms involves […]

How to eat more protein and improve athletic performance

(BPT) – Whether competing recreationally, at an amateur level or professionally in front of the world, proper nutrition is a key component of any athlete’s performance. A variety of nutrients come into consideration, but one seems to get the highest level of attention: protein. Because protein helps build and maintain muscle and body tissue, it’s […]