Back on Her Feet: How Neurosurgical Spine Surgery Took One Pregnant Mother from Paraplegic to Walking Again

When Rita Arena’s chronic back pain intensified early on in her pregnancy, she knew something was not right. “I didn’t think it was a big deal — until the pain would not subside,” says Rita. Rita was evaluated by a physiatrist, who believed she sprained the thoracic region of her back — the middle area […]

Thunder and Lightning: The new rehab modalities to treat pain.

By David Bertone, PT, DPT, OCS   Every few years, technology advances in the world of physical therapy and rehabilitation have a profound effect on treatment options for pain and injury.  The latest advancement involves the combination of delivering mechanical stress to the injured area and then using the bodies natural healing properties to speed […]

How One Woman Spotted the Warning Signs of a Stroke 8,000 Miles Away … and Saved Her Husband’s Life

As Pawan Madahar was getting ready for work, a video call came through from his wife and kids, who were vacationing in India. He accepted the call, but he was physically unable to speak. Suspecting a poor internet connection, Pawan’s wife Veena called again. This time, she could see he was grabbing his jawbone when […]

Take a Walk: Spring into Better Health by Marshall P. Allegra, M.D.

Take a Walk: Spring into Better Health Walking is a great way to improve or maintain your overall health. Just 30 minutes every day can increase cardiovascular fitness, strengthen bones, reduce excess body fat, and boost muscle power and endurance. It can reduce your risk of developing conditions like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis […]

The Dynamic Warm-up: A much better way than static stretching to prepare for movement

Due to the physical demand and variety of movements that any sport or activity requires in order to succeed, movement preparation cannot be understated. One cannot just “stretch” before practicing or competing in a game. This will set the athlete up for failure, or worse, injury. This also applies to the adult athlete and weekend […]

Stroke Victim Calls Neurosurgery and Yoga a Life-Saving Combination

When Jamie Falstrault’s undiagnosed brain aneurysm ruptured while in his Manasquan home, he and his family feared for his life. “I was having bad headaches and was diagnosed with a sinus infection three times,” Jamie recalled. “The next thing I know, I’m disoriented and nauseous – and being rushed to the hospital.” At Atlantic Neuroscience […]