Concierge Doctor Monmouth County NJ

Concierge Doctor Monmouth County NJ offer personalized care and direct access. They’re often physicians who choose to form a private practice to limit the number of patients they’re responsible for — usually a smaller number compared to the volume of a more traditional office practice — and to minimize the amount of paperwork associated with insurance payouts.
Concierge doctors can do everything a primary care physician can, including administer lab tests and conduct annual physical exams. They also typically provide diagnostic screenings and minor urgent care services like stitches or treatment for minor skin conditions. However, they can’t provide many specialized treatments or major medical procedures, like surgery. Concierge doctors get the same training and licensing to practice medicine as a doctor you’d see through an insurance network. General practitioners like family medicine doctors generally spend around 11 years after high school in education toward their career, including:
  • A four-year college degree
  • Four years of medical school
  • Three to eight years of graduate medical education in the form of a residency or internship
  • Optional one-year fellowships after residency, which can offer opportunities to specialize or receive additional Certificates of Added Qualifications (CAQs)
After that, doctors are able to obtain their license to practice medicine.
If you can afford to pay the monthly fee, there are a few benefits to concierge medicine you may not be able to find with a primary care physician in your insurance network.

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