Clinical Social Worker Monmouth County NJ

Clinical Social Worker Monmouth County NJ utilize a professional knowledge of the principles and practices of social work to counsel individuals, couples, families, and groups to help them make optimal use of health care, social, counseling, or psychological services; to provide, within their recognized professional scope, psychotherapeutic services to patients/clients (which may include functioning as primary psychotherapist; to develop and improve the resources available to enhance social and personal functioning; to provide teaching and consultative services to other professionals and health care students; and to perform other related duties as required. The same professional concepts, principles and techniques are used by Clinical Social Workers regardless of the program in which they work, but the circumstances and details of assignments and the immediate occasions of service differ among the various University settings. Some representative assignments are as follows: As members of a medical team in hospitals, field health stations, and clinics, Clinical Social Workers provide psychotherapeutic services to patients and relatives in individual, couple, or group settings to assist them in adjusting to the physical/psychological difficulties associated with illness; counsel patients and relatives on the psychosocial ramifications of illness which may include grief counseling; evaluate and provide consultation to the medical team on the social factors relating to illness, hospitalization, diagnosis and recommended treatment of patients; develop and aid in the use of community resources; act as the primary interface between the patient, hospital, and community; provide collaborative, educational and consultative services to lay groups and organizations; participate in program evaluation and in determining the need for new services; participate in or consult on research/education programs; assume the role of patient advocate; provide teaching, consultation and in-service training to residents, students, and other professional staff; and comply with various statutes concerning reporting and treatment responsibilities. As members of multidisciplinary treatment teams at a community mental health clinic, psychiatric hospital, neurosphychiatric center or out-patient clinic or as staff members at a student counseling center or psychiatric clinic, Clinical Social Workers provide direct treatment in individual, couple, or group psychotherapy to a wide range of cases; in collaboration with a staff psychiatrist determine case disposition when psychiatric hospitalization and/or medication are needed; refer clients to appropriate community or private resources; evaluate and interpret the psychosocial aspects of mental and emotional disturbances to families and other health professionals within the facility; maintain clinical records; participate in program evaluation and in determining the needs for new services; provide consultation to and maintain liaison with campus/community programs; and provide teaching, supervision, consultation and in-service training to residents, students, and staff.

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