Brain Injury Rehabilitation, Treatment and Recovery

Brain Injury Rehabilitation, Treatment and Recovery

Brain injury can occur in different ways. Trauma is often involved, such as a sports injury, fall or motor vehicle accident. Brain injury can also occur without trauma, for example, the result of a stroke or infection.

Medical care is the first step in treatment to stabilize and promote the brain’s healing. For long-term treatment planning, rehabilitation plays an important role.

With a long track record of experienced, specialized brain injury rehabilitation, HealthSouth has restored hope and encouraged maximum outcomes for many patients and their families.

Brain injury rehabilitation focuses on:

  • Restoring the best possible level of physical, cognitive and behavioral function
  • Improvement for a return to home, school or work
  • Training and adaptation for long-term limitations
  • Home-based services assessments, as needed
  • Emotional support for the patient and caregivers

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