At 3:20 PM on September 21, we said good-bye to Summer and hello to Fall. Now I know that not everyone is excited about the change of seasons, especially knowing that the sunny and mild weather days are exiting only to be replaced by cooler, possibly wet days ahead. And we all know what follows the Fall. UGH!

Okay, let’s get real. Although we cannot do anything about the weather other than move to a different climate, which many Seniors (aka “Snowbirds”) do as we get closer to the Winter months.

So, you may have to put down that tennis racket, store the golf clubs, dock the boat, eliminate trips to the beach, and reduce the number of outdoor barbecues, in other words give up some of the traditional popular outdoor activities.

But hold on, let’s not sell the Fall (Autumn) season short. As the weather begins to provide a chill there are some beautiful vibrant and crisp days ahead in the Fall. Just look at the awesome pagination of colors that will surround you. That’s the positive unless you are among those Jerseyites who are now faced with some heavy-duty raking and leaf blowing. Let’s treat that as a form of exercise, but please do not overdo as raking can be as strenuous as shoveling snow if you are not careful.

We enter the Fall 2021 season with a reminder that we are still living with the Covid Virus and its variants which means we must take some precautions. We will be faced with making some important health decisions. The two most obvious are preventative inoculation and mask wearing. We hope that common sense prevails, and should you have any doubt about the Covid Vaccine remember there is no better time to contact your doctor for advice, because they know you better than anyone else.

Fall should be a joyful time of the year. As if you need to be reminded its Halloween and many retailers let you know this by their décor. November has us celebrating Thanksgiving, so get that tu key and pumpkin pie ready for your family and friends.

There’s still lots to do outdoors, such as taking those walks, bicycle riding, or visiting our beautiful local New Jersey farms for some great apple and pumpkin picking. It’s a great time to take some of those memorable fall photos. Yes, Fall still offers many good weather days for outdoor activities. So, let’s take advantage of this magnificent colorful season and welcome Fall, before we have to deal with “Old Man Winter”.

Regardless of the time of year, it’s always the right time to visit or schedule an appointment with any of the medical and wellness professionals that are listed on this Monmouth Health & Wellness website.

Please note this article contains my personal opinions. I attempt to present issues that are current and may affect our senior readership. However, I would love to hear from our readers and get your thoughts on this or any Senior Servings topic. Additionally, if there is a senior related topic or issue that you would like this article to cover, please let me know and without promises, I will do my best to accommodate.

I can be reached at SDMC – Please reference the topic you wish to discuss in your e-mail heading. Until next time!

This article cannot be complete without a special thank you to all our great doctors, nurses, medical professionals, many whom have been involved in treating Covid-19 and are listed on this Monmouth Health and Wellness site. Stephen Dick is the president of SDMC, a full-service creative marketing communications resource

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