Anxiously Avoiding Dental Visits?

Anxiously Avoiding Dental Visits?

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It is human nature to avoid unpleasant or anxiety causing situations.  We all do it.  Sometimes the anxiety is rational, and sometimes not so much.

So many people have anxiety about dental visits, up to 20% of patients, that they actually put a name on it…Dental Phobia.

  • What is the patient supposed to do with their feelings, that result in avoiding needed dental care?
  • Is it going to hurt…?
  • Bad past experience….
  • Embarrassed by your dental health…
  • How much will it cost?
  • I feel confined and claustrophobic in the chair.

It is reasonable to state that most people do not relish the idea of a dental visit. Like Dr. Lichtenstein, the dentist can be the nicest person in the world, and it won’t matter. When you walk into the reception room, you can’t help catching a whiff of the aseptic smell or hear the whirr of the drill.  Triggers like these cannot be avoided, the smell is the nature of the business, it needs to be sanitary.

  • What can a dentist do about it?
  • Let us know you are nervous about pain; so, we can administer anesthesia comfortably, so you don’t have to suffer.
  • Tell us about prior bad experiences and let us show you how we can do it better
  • Dental professionals have seen it all, your hygiene will not be judged.
  • Speak to our staff about costs and payment options.
  • Anesthesia does wonders for feelings of helplessness and control as do breaks during treatment.


During the design process of our office, we took patient anxiety into account to design an office that was welcoming, soothing, and visually appealing with some beautiful artwork in each room as a welcome distraction.  Enjoy Dr. Lichtenstein’s art collection while we do what we are best at.

Our highly trained staff is well versed in dealing with patient fears. Patience and understanding are definitely helpful!

And better yet, Dr. Lichtenstein offers various solutions including General Anesthesia, Intravenous Sedation, special sedative oral medications (in pill or liquid forms) and Nitrous Oxide (“sweet air” or “laughing gas”). He will work with you to determine the best ways to make you less anxious and more comfortable, something very few dentists can do. \

Dr. Lichtenstein is a Board-Certified Dental Anesthesiologist, an active member of 11 Dental Societies, holds 6 Fellowships, and is a consultant to the State Board of Dentistry.  This is definitely a dental health provider that loves what he does. His extraordinary education, expertise and experience sets Dr. Lichtenstein above and beyond the other dentists in a very wide radius around Monmouth County.

Give us a call, come on in for a consultation and learn how you can lay back and enjoy a visit to the dentist. Dr. Lee Lichtenstein and his highly trained staff offer general dentistry services as well as dental treatments that can be performed using sedation dentistry and general anesthesia techniques to make patients’ experiences more pleasant and comfortable.

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