The Aches & Pains (or What Happened to Me?) by Stephen Dick

The Aches & Pains (or What Happened to Me?) by Stephen Dick

I don’t recall when it first hit me, this aging thing. It seemed like just yesterday when I could swiftly leap out of bed to start my day. But now each morning I am greeted with a variety of aches and pains. Someone tell me how could this happen. Where was my warning? Was it the graying of my once jet-black hair or the presence of something on my legs that started to look like a road map? I think they are called varicose veins, to me it looks like Route 9 intersecting with Route 537.

All I know is that one day I was a spry and active human being with limited aches and pains. But, that’s not me today. So, what happened?

To figure out what has occurred to me, I wanted to speak with a few friends who were about my age (plus or minus ten years). I had to know was it just me or were there others experiencing a similar life transition? A lunch meeting seemed appropriate and it began with the expected pleasantries being exchanged, but before the waitress could bring the menus the discussion began with a universal table question, “So, how do you feel?” And then the round table started. Almost everyone had something to offer. I could not believe how a simple lunch meeting could become an in depth medical review of aches and pains. I can assure you that there was not a missing body part that was excluded from this conversation. Wow, this was really depressing.

Well, it didn’t take long before the game of “Doctor Association” began. That’s where an illness (ache or pain) is tied to a doctor who can make you feel “like new”! I quickly realized that everyone had a favorite doctor to address their specific ailments. It seemed like everyone was an agent for their selected doctor. All I could think of was how quickly I could excuse myself and bolt this fine eatery.

But this was a much-needed experience. I learned that it was not just me, it was something that almost everyone who is fortunate enough to age must endure, it’s aches and pains. Of course, topped off by finding and recommending Doctor Right.

I also learned that in life there are aches and pains that cannot be avoided. As I said it’s the aging process. Knowing this and knowing that it was not just me that these happenings are somewhat expected, it’s just that rude awakening.

However, let’s get real. Yes, I could live without the bother of aches and pains, but if that was true look at all the fun I would be missing out on. The agony of getting out of bed each day, the acquaintance of new doctors who provide the script that will surely cure your ills, and all those fun visits to the local pharmacy to obtain that magic elixir from that friendly pharmacist. And, don’t forget the opportunity to play that new fun-filled game, “Doctor Association”.

So, let’s just accept those aches and pains and endure the happiness a cure can bring. I still don’t know what happened to me, but I feel better already and hope you do too.

Stephen Dick is the president of SDMC, a full service creative marketing resource, located in Morganville, NJ – P: 732-536-2726 / C: 732-439-4266 / E:

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