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Try this protein-packed substitute to make lunchtime more nutritious

(BPT) – Cottage cheese is having a moment. Nutritionists and health-minded individuals have discovered that the dairy case staple can actually unlock a lot of mealtime solutions, especially when it comes to remaking recipes with a creamy base, such as tuna salad and veggie dip. Simply swap the mayonnaise, cream cheese or sour cream with […]

Is Spine Surgery Right For You? It’s a Matter of Risk vs. Benefit

Many people who suffer from debilitating back pain resist surgery – thanks to failed stories from years past. While surgery should be the final option after trying other non-invasive therapies, today’s success rates for spine surgery are significantly different from the past. Take, for example, Denise Kordulak, a 66-year-old retired x-ray technician from Neptune, NJ. […]