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Increasing Odds for Improvement after Hip Fracture

Hip fracture is not just a potentially disabling injury; it can be deadly, especially in the elderly. Our hospital’s team approach to hip fracture rehabilitation applies a powerful combination of resources, leading rehabilitation technology and specialized experience. Strength and mobility increase. Future health problems are prevented. And, hope is restored. Hip Fractures The risk for […]

How One Woman Spotted the Warning Signs of a Stroke 8,000 Miles Away … and Saved Her Husband’s Life

As Pawan Madahar was getting ready for work, a video call came through from his wife and kids, who were vacationing in India. He accepted the call, but he was physically unable to speak. Suspecting a poor internet connection, Pawan’s wife Veena called again. This time, she could see he was grabbing his jawbone when […]

How to eat more protein and improve athletic performance

(BPT) – Whether competing recreationally, at an amateur level or professionally in front of the world, proper nutrition is a key component of any athlete’s performance. A variety of nutrients come into consideration, but one seems to get the highest level of attention: protein. Because protein helps build and maintain muscle and body tissue, it’s […]