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The Dynamic Warm-up: A much better way than static stretching to prepare for movement

Due to the physical demand and variety of movements that any sport or activity requires in order to succeed, movement preparation cannot be understated. One cannot just “stretch” before practicing or competing in a game. This will set the athlete up for failure, or worse, injury. This also applies to the adult athlete and weekend […]

Stroke Victim Calls Neurosurgery and Yoga a Life-Saving Combination

When Jamie Falstrault’s undiagnosed brain aneurysm ruptured while in his Manasquan home, he and his family feared for his life. “I was having bad headaches and was diagnosed with a sinus infection three times,” Jamie recalled. “The next thing I know, I’m disoriented and nauseous – and being rushed to the hospital.” At Atlantic Neuroscience […]